Nikkei Matsuri

Dear USJF,

We at San Jose Buddhist Judo Club wanted to share this with you all since we are very proud that our instructors and students got together for several months in putting this collaboration between various local organizations and the Nikkei Matsuri organizers.

We also teamed with Japan town restaurants to encourage sales of food or gift cards during the 2 weeks of the festival.

The Nikkei mission was to display Japanese/American customs, traditions and culture. We tried to help them do that.

The Nikkei Matsuri festival started last Saturday. There were some really interesting, exciting and educational performances. But here is a link to our performance video which was recorded at our dojo, at the beach, at a field of flowers near the beach and in front of the Buddhist church.

Here is a link to our club information concerning our involvement in the festival.

We hope you will enjoy this online festival. Next week they will feature a couple short skits our younger students put together.

Vaughn Imada