Revised COVID-19 Guidance

A revised statement of practice has been issued on 30 September 2020. The full text is here and it includes the USOPC statement. The major additions to the document are below.

Dr. Jeffrey Fujimoto is now a member of the USJF Medical Committee.

Please continue to be vigilant. It has been a long six (6) months and everyone is anxious to get back on the tatami to start training again and to spend time with our judo family. We are all fatigued with the bombardment of the issues and problems brought by COVID-19 and its effect on all of our lives. We must all continue to be patient. Unfortunately, many states and regions are undergoing another surge in the number of people testing positive with the COVID-19 virus. Additional caution is necessary as we are now heading into the start of the cold and flu season. As the health and safety of our members and students is the paramount concern, we must continue to make the appropriate decisions to ensure their safety and protection. Please be very cognizant and current on your local public guidelines.

Though too new to have enough study data available, COVID-19 infections may have some long-term negative effects on some individuals after they recover from it. So, it is best to avoid getting exposed/infected by it. When in doubt, please make the safe/conservative choice.