2019 IJF Junior European Tour Schedule

Deadline extended to 26 July, Friday this week. Time is short to get on this European Tour.

The 2019 IJF Junior European Tour will include the following tournaments and camp:

  • August 3-4 – Junior European Cup – Poznan, Poland
  • August 5-7 – EJU Junior Training Camp – Poznan, Poland
  • August 10-11 – Junior European Cup – Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Please contact Lauren Roersma for further information immediately, as time is very short.

We will be providing the flight itineraries that Aaron Cohen and Danny Rodriguez, the official USA Judo coaches for the trip, are taking so that your athletes and coaches can get on the same/similar flights.

Please let us know who you plan to send with your group as well.

Please note the deadlines below – feel free to share this information with your athletes and coaches:

Please note these deadlines have been specially extended.


Due by Friday, July 12th

  • Confirm if you plan to attend the tournaments/camps
  • Email Lauren the following information:
  • Passport copies for the athletes and also the chaperones attending
  • Flight Itineraries
  • Hotel check in and check out dates, room type and requested roommate

Please note: there is a training camp post-tournament from August 5-7 in Poland so be sure to include these dates in your requested hotel check in/out dates when you submit them to Lauren via email lauren.roersma@usajudo.us.


Due by Tuesday, July 16th

Call Lauren at 719-866-2265 to provide your credit card information


Due by Friday, July 26th

  • Credit card information – slip attached to fill out and send back to Lauren
  • Child care authorization – If an athlete who is under 18 and will be traveling alone, they must complete the attached Child Care Authorization form (fill out the highlighted sections) – these athletes will be required to travel with a coach from the states to Poland and Romania.
  • Athlete code of conduct – All athletes must complete and send back to Lauren the 2019 Athlete Code of Conduct
  • Additional athlete information:

    Backnumber – Each competitor is obligated to have sewn on the back of his/her judogi a backnumber bearing his surname and his/her National Olympic Committee abbreviation. The backnumbers must be fixed horizontally and centered on the back of the judogi. They must be placed at a distance of 3 cm from the bottom of the collar. The backnumber can only be ordered from www.ijfbacknumber.com or www.mybacknumber.com. Please be sure to take care of this ASAP if you have not already done so as the orders can take a few weeks to come in. Once in Europe, a sponsor sticker maybe placed on the bottom of the back patch. Do not alter the size of the patch in any way.

    IJF cards – Each competitor must have an IJF card in order to be registered in judobase for these events, please complete the form attached and send back to Lauren if you require an IJF card.

    Passports – six months remaining validity strongly recommended; at least three months remaining validity beyond planned departure date.

    Please contact Lauren Roersma for further information immediately, as time is very short.