Call for applications for Athlete-Scholar of the Year

The 2019 Athlete-Scholar of the Year Committee, on behalf of the USJF Board of Directors, is proud to invite applications for scholarships of $1,000, $750, and $500 to further educational opportunities at trade school, technical college, graduate school, college or university studies. Applications are available

The application for this award are

  • Due to USJF before March 29, 2019 (PDF via E-mail accepted)
  • Academic year 2017-2018 transcripts required
  • Complete application includes Head Instructor’s Endorsement
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 minimum
  • Winners Announced at 2019 Grassroots Judo™ Jr. National Championship

On behalf of the USJF Athlete-Scholar of the Year Committee, thank you for continuing your educational opportunities. It is a sincere desire of United States Judo Federation that you continue to open doors to opportunities to learn and grow. It is our pleasure to continue USJF financial assistance.

In 2015, the committee received 10 applications from outstanding USJF qualified members and after extensive deliberation the following three applicants were selected as the 2015 scholarship recipients:

  1. Chase Oishi, Tarsh Judo Club, Nanka Yudanshakai
  2. Benjamin R. Hinatsu, Western Idaho Judo Institute, Daiheigen Yudanshakai
  3. Andrew Kageyama, Sacramento Judo Club, Hokka Yudanshakai

What happened to ASOY? With the untimely passing of Chairman Jeff Takeda, the committee took pause after the summer of 2015.

Takeda Sensei’s remaining committee members are

Mr. Low Dong, Nanka,
Dr. Kuniko Takeuchi, Daiheigen,
Bryan Matsuoka, Daiheigen,

and began work again in 2017.

New committee members in 2018 include:

Mrs. Francis Glaze, Konan
Mrs. Janet Y. Ashida Johnson, Niagara Yudanshakai
Ms. Karen Nagai, Northwestern Yudanshakai.

The committee will review the applications following the March 28, 2019 due date and finalize the awards for the presentations this summer 2019.