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I had many good experiences participating in the SANIX tournament and camp in Japan.

First several wonderful teachers came and taught us many useful techniques. I will review what I have been taught and will try to use them in future competitions.

Second, our team won once in the tournament with all ‘Ippon”. No one thought that we would win. I was very happy. I lost in the second game of the tournament. I would like to find the reason why I lost and improve my skills.

Finally, I made new friends, not only on the US team, but also on teams from other countries. Communication with the friends from other countries was not easy for me because of the language differences, but I was very happy because I tried my best to talk with them.

The experiences in the SANIX camp are treasured memories. I will practice Judo passionately and do my best to train and learn every day.

Rio Ohtake is second from left.