2016 USJF High School Judoka Special Training Camp in Korea

The Judoka wishing to join this trip to Korea must be a member of USJF (training camp members must be male judoka only).

The travel dates are as follows:

All members are leaving USA on 8 July, Friday and arrival Seoul (Incheon-ICN) Korea on 9 July, Saturday to be met by Sensei Joon Chi and the Korean staff.

10 July, Sunday –

There will be a chance for sightseeing and shopping
Or there will be a chance for a visit to Panmoonjum (DMZ) led by US Captain Dodd, a Judoka from Missouri

The training dates are 11, Monday, 12, Tuesday, 13 Wednesday, 14 Thursday, 15 Friday, 16 Saturday

Every day will be three(3) session, each session will be two(2) hours training.

All members of the trip are leaving Korea on 17 July, Sunday and arrival USA same day, 17 July, Sunday.

The USJF High School Judoka will take care of round trip airfare from home to Seoul Korea and the hosting High School will take care of room and board. All members are to pay Two hundred dollars ($200) for miscellaneous expenses (non-refundable) to Sensei Joon Chi till deadline which is 25 June, 2016.

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding this trip to:

Sensei Joon Chi

6400 York Avenue South
Apt 510
Edina, MN  55435-2339

tel & fax … 952-922-9231
mobile … 952-484-7581