Call for Committee Reports for 2014 USJF Annual Meeting

Dear Committee Chairs:

As our 2014 Annual Meeting approaches, I am calling for submission of all Committee Reports, for distribution with the Agenda of the Annual Meeting and, upon approval by the Board of Directors at the Meeting, for inclusion in the Minutes of the Annual Meeting.

The Committee Reports are an important means of communication for reporting Committee activities to the President, the Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors, as well as to individual USJF members, who fund and otherwise support the USJF. Your report should include a summary of your committee actions, plans for the upcoming fiscal year, and any budget requests you wish to have considered.

Written reports ensure that the Annual Meeting progresses quickly and that your Committee’s Report is accurately recorded in the Minutes.

To have your Committee Report distributed with the Agenda of the Annual Meeting, please submit it to me via e-mail in care of the National Office (, no later than March 24, 2014.

Should you require assistance in preparing your report, please contact the National Office or e-mail or telephone me.

Thank you.

Submitted respectfully,

Pete Catlos
United States Judo Federation, Inc.
(810) 300-3639