New USJF Sponsors

The USJF is now offering corporate and private donors the opportunity to be identified as sponsors on the USJF Website and in the newly developed USJF Video Series. The new USJF Video Series has been running on the USJF Website for the past year. In addition to the website, the videos have subsequently been imbedded in many additional Judo and related martial arts websites. This provides a wide range of exposure for the sponsors. The videos have generated more than 100,000 views in its first year.

This increased exposure has brought new sponsors to the USJF. We are proud to announce that a new annual sponsorship agreement has been completed with The Please visit our website to see their logo and directly link to their website.

In addition, Rapid Rehydration has purchased a sponsorship space on the latest website video “2012 USA Judo President’s Cup Highlight Reel”. In addition to the website listing, The has also been included on the most recent video release.

These sponsorships will help the USJF maintain their programs to promote Judo in the United States. The USJF would like to acknowledge our sponsors and especially, welcome our new supporters, The and Rapid Rehydration.

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