San Jose State University Judo Team takes home big medal count at USA Senior Judo Nationals

The San Jose State University Judo Team/National Training Center continued their re-emergence as a premier National Training Center, taking Seven Medals at the USA Judo Senior Nationals held in Irving, TX this past April 21-22nd.

The Team took two Golds:  Corwin Learned 60kg, Allison Clifford 78kg, two Silver: Matt Dong 60kg, Sidhartha Raj 90kg, and three Bronze: Anthony Kwon 73kg, Colton Brown 90kg, and incoming freshman, Sophia Swain 70kg. Marco Cruz finished 5th 60kg.

Shintaro Nakano has been the Technical Advisor Coach for the San Jose State University Team for the past two years. Many of Nakano’s Tachi-waza, Newaza techniques and training were evident in the successful performance of the San Jose Judoka’s at these Nationals.

Notably, Matt Dong upset the top ranking Judoka in the 60kg division, Nick Kosser, by Ippon, with an Ouchi-Gari. It was called by many who witnessed the match, the “throw of the tournament”. Cal Kitaura who was a side judge during the match, said “it was definitely Nakano’s soft, but powerful style, Ouchi-Gari.”

There were also other Ashi waza, as well as transition Newaza Techniques winning other crucial matches, displayed by the Team during the two day Tournament.

The Team’s overall, much improved performance was attributed to and a reflection of Shintaro Nakano training.

The results was a great Birthday Gift for Head Coach, Yosh Uchida, who just turned 92 in April. Mr. Uchida was recently featured in a full page article in the New York Times.

He will also be featured in a documentary on ESPN on his life as a Judo Coach of San Jose State University. A camera crew has been following him around at the US Senior Nationals and in San Jose for a week.

The San Jose State University Judo Team also won its 46th National Collegiate Judo Championship Title this past March in San Jose, on the campus. The Team placed five of six Judoka, including four Gold Medals against runner up, West Point Military Academy who brought a Team of 40 Players. Led by Outstanding Judo Player of the Tournament, Colton Brown 90kg, other Gold medalists were Matt Dong 60kg, Marco Cruz 66kg, and Anthony Kwon 73kg. Hector Fajardo took a Silver Medal 66kg

USA Judo has also announced that Marti Malloy, 57kg, a graduate from San Jose State University will represent USA in London at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Marti has been competing to qualify for a spot on Team Judo USA for the past three years in her weight category. She is one of only five Judoka currently, who will be representing USA in Judo.

The recent results from the National Collegiate Judo Championships, the US Senior National Judo Championships, and the announcement of Olympian, Marti Malloy were tremendous achievements thus far, for San Jose State University Judo in 2012 .  

Shintaro Nakano has been conducting a Clinic Series of his Judo Style of Techniques and training these past six months for CENCO Yudanshakai Clubs.