New Referee Licenses granted at Guadalajara, Mexico

Team USA Judo attended the Olympic qualifier in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Referees traveling with Judo Team USA, along with four (4) candidates were;

  • Mr. Robert Fukuda, USJF Ex. Director, ID, International IJF A
  • Ms. Barbara Shimizu, WA, International IJF A

Candidates Testing for Continental IJF B:

  • Mr. Bill Gugino, NY – passed
  • Mr. Mike Takata, TN – passed

Candidates Testing for PJC:

  • Ms. Mindy Buehman, FL – passed
  • Mr. Charles Schweizer, NY – passed

On behalf of the USJF Referee Development and Certification Committee, I would like to congratulate them for passing their referee exam in Guadalajara, Mexico on April 3, 2011.

Harold Yamada
USJF Referee Secretary
Continental Referee

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