New Referee Licenses at World Cup/US Open (updated)

On behalf of the United States Judo Federation’s Referee Development and Certification Committee, I would like to congratulate the following members on passing their IJF A Referee License Exam (the world’s highest level referee license) at the Miami World Cup, which was held in Doral, Florida on August 27 and 28.

Mrs. Meredith Commender
Mr. Edson Mallo
Mr. Dean Markovics
Mr. Dan Takata

We would also like to recognize and congratulate Ms. Julia Van Helder, who was the United States’ sole candidate for the IJF B Referee License candidate, for passing her examination at the US Open on August 29 in Doral, Florida.


In a continuing effort of referee development and certification, we would like to report that three United States referees took and passed the examination for a C Referee License, issued by the Panamerican Judo Confederation at the North and Central American Judo Championships in Doral, Florida on August 30.  We would like to congratulate:

Mr. Ralph Palmer
Mr. Neil Simon
Mr. Charlie Wall