Updated News on Junior Nationals

Hi Everyone,

Well, we are within a week of the first USJF/USJA 2010 Jr. Judo Nationals…and all is going well.

Plans are all set, and we are ready to host all of you here in Irvine California.

We have over 750 total registered competitors in the competition, novice and kata divisions. And we are prepared for every last one of you. Our Coaches clinic is near full. If any of you have RSVP’d and NOT sent in your forms, you MUST contact eshiosaki@aol.com immediately as we expect a full house.

We have some great gift items and promotions from many of our sponsors and we want to thank all of them for their generosity.

At this time, PLEASE do not send any further paperwork by ‘SNAIL MAIL’. All further registrations MUST be taken at the tournament site.

The registration staff will be at the hotel preparing for your arrival so the office phone will not be answered.

Thanks everyone, and see you all soon!!

Ed and Joan Shiosaki