Real Judo Magazine offer


 I am writing you as the editor of Real Judo Magazine in the hopes of
 interesting you in our Club subscription. Our Real Judo Magazine Club
 subscription offers a better than 50% per issue discount. At these prices
 many Club owners see fit to distribute them to their students for free as an
 added benefit for paying their Club’s dues. Real Judo makes a nice gift!
 Real Judo is a great way for individual judo players to stay current on
 national events, for generally spreading judo knowledge and as a means of
 keeping enthusiasm for our sport high. It is produced as labor of love by
 Judo practitioners for the benefit of Judo. We want to keep our
 subscription numbers high. Please consider this offer.
 Real Judo is a quarterly magazine. If you have a club that would use 30 or
 more issues at only $2 an issue please let me know by e-mail as soon as you can with your
 shipping address. We have personal subscriptions available as well at our
 website Please feel free to contact me with any questions
 at all — I enjoy speaking to and knowing well as many senseis and Club
 owners as possible!
 If you have an editorial suggestion, feature article you would like to see
 written or Club or players you would like to featured feel free to comment.
 Further, if you have an article you would like to submit please do so and
 (subject to editorial approval) you may find yourself a contributor to
 Real Judo! Ultimately, I would like you and your students to see Real Judo as
 your own magazine.
 Thank you for your consideration !
 Jason Morris
 Editor, Real Judo Magazine
 2008 US Olympic Judo Coach – Beijing
575  Swaggertown Rd.
Scotia,  NY 12302