Brett Wood-Taylor Wisconsin Judo Benefit Clinic

Brett Wood-Taylor Wisconsin Judo Benefit Clinic

Many of you know that Brett Wood Taylor is undergoing some very serious chemotherapy for a metastatic cancer condition he has been fighting for the last several years .  He remains upbeat but realistically, his prognosis is not great. 

This Saturday, January 26, 2008 Wisconsin Judo hosted a benefit clinic to raise money for his family.  That evening, Brett was inducted in the Wisconsin Hall of Fame.

If you would like to donate money for this benefit, you may send a donations to

            David Malek
            c/o Wisconsin Judo
            3560 South Iowa Street
            St Francis  WI  53235
            Tel:       1-414-483-0100

 Or Jim Peterson

            Tel:       1-414-444-0272
            Email:   JPETERSON230@WI.RR.COM

Thanks for your kind consideration.

Best regards,

Kei Narimatsu