Life Membership Year End Report for 2006



We had a very good year for the Life Membership Program.  We received fifty four new regular memberships. This was a 59% increase over last year.  We also received twenty three President Life memberships.  This was a 229% increase. Five of those went right to Executive level.

Dr. James Lally also gave another generous donation and was put into the Presidential level.  He is our second member to get into this classification.  I would like to thank Mr. Brink and Dr. Lally for their continued support of USJF.  Also I would like to thank all head instructors for their support.

As a result of these increases, the income to USJF was $21,140.00, after the expense of paying for the plaques and engraving, cards, lapel pins, and patches.  The Life Membership Program put $17,051.00 into the Endowment Fund.

This years Life membership awards for 2005 -2006 go to:

            Yudanshakai                                         Club

            1st Northwest                                       1st Obukan

            2nd Shufu                                              2nd Makiki Seidokan

            3rd Hudson                                           3rd Michigan State University

Respectfully submitted

Tom Sheehan

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