Research and Development Seminar Announced for Houston!

Development & Research Seminar

With presentations by:

Dr. David Matsumoto

For the past few years, the USJF has sponsored several research projects on judo. Many of the findings have been published in scientific journals, ensuring the technical quality of the work, and have implications for the teaching and promulgation of judo on the grass roots level. In this first-time workshop, we will present findings from the various studies that have been conducted, and discuss with participants how they can be used in the local dojos to better promote judo

Professor Michel Brousse

In 2000, the USJF commissioned David Matsumoto and Michel Brousse to write a book on the history of judo in the US, to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the USJF. After nearly five years of research and writing, the USJF is proud to announce that the book has been recently published, and is available to the judo community and general public. This presentation, by Professor Brousse, will be a lecture highlighting the research and writing of the book, and of its special contents. Books will be available for sale, and both authors will be available to sign copies.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006
9:00 am – 12:00 noon
Regency Room
Houston Hyatt Regency

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