Update and Contact Information for Ishikawa Sensei

Dear Friends:

I am sorry that I have not written to you earlier. I am not even sure whether your E-mail addresses are the same as they were last year (or longer).

Because you have been so kind as to ask after Father and Aiko, and because I’ve known some of you all my life, I thought you’d like to know about Father’s situation. Since I am not certain how to reach Yolanda Mapp and anyone else who may still be alive to remember Father–if you know, please feel free to forward this to them.

Earlier this year, through the great efforts of my step-mom, Aiko Fukazawa, we were able to have Father settled in a group home which deals with dementia patients. The location is in the rural part of Kanagawa Prefecture, about 1 – 1.5 hours from Oguchi in Yokohama. The home is newly-built and caters to dementia patients. There is also a hospital nearby. It is a small group home and will only have up to 9 patients. There were only 2 when Father, Aiko and I went to visit in January. The helpers there are in regular dress, so there is nothing clinical about it. The owners of the home designed it according to the way they wish their retirement would be. Father is slowly acclimating to his surroundings and the helpers there are very kind and very patient.

I had an opportunity to look around the locale and found that on a clear day you can see Fujiyama and the sea from the daikon fields surrounding the area. I hope to be able to forward photos soon.

I can’t thank Aiko enough for all of the years which she has been there for Father. There really aren’t enough words to express my deepest appreciation for her kindness and her care of him.

Also, I am not certain for how long I will be writing from my Mitsubishi E-mail address. I will try to keep you posted to any change, but in the event I cannot, please note that you can reach me via my personal address: dvcrowne@hotmail.com.

If you wish to send a note to my Father, his address is:

Mr. Takahiko Ishikawa
c/o Miura Komorebi
1452 Kouenbou
Hasseityou Miura-shi
Japan 238-0115

Best wishes and kind thoughts,

Atsuko Ishikawa Foos Biernot

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