Report on Joint Workout Events

Konan on the Move

Konan has several dojos located in inter-city urban locations.  Neil
Simon (Shojin Judo) and Ernie and Mark Curry (DAMAC Judo) started talking
about their inner-city populations and the advantages a joint judo event
would create for their judoka.  The best experience is the ability
for the judo to get out of their community and see more of the Midwest
as well as more of the judo world. 

Konan covers a five states area.  Our initial goal
was to find a dojo centrally located for these specific populations.  Mark
Hunter (Amerikan Judo) stepped up and offered his facility as the central

Mark and Neil began to talk about this concept with other
instructors and found a major need for judoka to come to experience basic
judo training in a workshop environment.  A workshop format was
created to provide basic instruction for youth and adults to meet the
variety of needs.  The following format emerged and developed to
help meet the variety of needs of the judoka:

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Time Session Explanation
9:30 – 10:00 Registration  
10:00 – 10:15 Opening and orientation Welcome and instructions for the day
10:15 – 12:15 Waza Training We break the whole groups up into 4-6 mini-groups. Each mini group is taught a specific technique for a period of 20-30 minutes by one of the clinicians
12:15-1:15 Lunch The big social event (see comment below)
1:15-2:00 Refereeing Exposing all the judoka to the rules of judo, scoring, calling scores, and working in the support positions.
2:00 – 3:45 Randori or Kata A mini-tournament is held for the shiai crowd. The dojo instructors gain experience as referees, while the judoka play judo or assist in the technical part of the shiai. The Kata crowd practices their kata with one of the A-Level instructors.
3:45 – 4:00 Closing  

Along with the prestigious staff (see list below) a major
key to the success of this workshop has been the lunch pizza event.  Mark
found and negotiated a deal at an all you can eat pizza, pasta, and salad
place.  This event has created new social circles and relationship
with our judoka. 

We have been steadily growing since the initial workshop.  Several
other dojo’s have stepped up as sponsors to these events.  Current
event sponsors include: Shojin Judo, Inc., Ameri-Kan Judo, DAMAC, Chu-to
Bu Judo, Farmington Judo Club, Toledo Maumee Judo Club, and Kettering
Judo Club. 

We have taken a “customer survey” and have
rated high in meeting needs and event satisfaction.  We usually
have 40-60 participants each event.  We are planning on continuing
to provide this type event for our judoka to get more into the fun of

The following is a list of all the volunteer instructors,
their backgrounds and contribution to these events:

Clinician Rank Dojo Workshop Background Focus Program Contribution
Ernie Curry 6th Dan DAMAC USJA Certified Coach, over 40 years judo experience, DAMAC Judo Club Head Instructor Koshi Waza
Mark Hunter 6th Dan Ameri-Kan USJA Certified Kata Instructor, USJA Instructor Level Three Coach, National Judo Rank Examine, Head Instructor Ameri-Kan Judo, over 35 years in judo. Event Coordinator, Shiai Organizing
Jerry Wee 6th Dan Macomb YMCA Judo Club Level A Teacher , USJI Level A Coach, PJU C, Referee, Former USA Judo Elite Athlete, Head Instructor Mat techniques, Shimi Waza, Kansetsu Waza
Dave Wertheimer 5th Dan Farmington USJF Coach E, USJA Rank Examiner, Kata Instructor, Level I Instructor, Cert. Tech. Official, Co-founder and Head Instructor Farmington Judo Club Koshi Waza, Ukemi
Francis Glaze 5th Dan Toledo Maumee USJI A Level Judge and Kata Instructor, National Shiai Champion, Multi Year World and International Kata Champions, Dojo Co-Head Instructor Kata
Paul Jordan 5th Dan Chu to Bu West , USJF Level A Instructor, USJF Level E Coach, IJF Continental B Referee, ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, Former USA Judo Elite Athlete. Head Instructor Chu To Bu West Warm-up, Newaza
Neil Simon 4th Dan Shojin USJI National Referee, A level USJI Kata Instructor and Judge in 5 katas, USJF Certified Coach and Teacher, Head Instructor Shojin Judo Inc. Event Organizer, Refereeing, Shiai Organizing
Galen Curry 4th Dan DAMAC Former National and International Competitor, 38 years Judo experience, DAMAC Assistant Instructor Koshi Waza
Russ Sherer 4th Dan Kettering Judo Club USJI International A Level Referee, Head Instructor Refereeing, Tewaza
Al Panackia 4th Dan Farmington Dojo Multi Year World and International Kata Champions, USJI A Level Judge and Kata Instructor Ashi waza, Kata
Mark Pasquinelly 4th Dan Toledo Maumee Multi Year World and International Kata Champions Kata
Mark Curry 4th Dan DAMAC Former National Competitor. DAMAC Assistant Instructor, Koshi waza
Ryan O’Conner 3rd Dan Toledo Maumee USJI A Level Judge and Kata Instructor, World and International Kata Champions. Dojo Co-Head Instructor Ashi waza, Kata
Rick Joseph 3rd Dan Macomb Judo Club Assistant Instructor, D coach, National, World Masters and Pan AM (medallist) Competitor Newaza
Robin Hunziker 1st Dan Ameri-Kan USJA Certified Coach, Assistant Instructor, Ameri-Kan Judo, Kata Instructor for Ameri-Kan Judo Tokui no Waza, Tewaza