Opportunity for funding for Senior Judo Activities


The Senior Development Subcommittee of the United States Judo Federation requests
proposals for funding programs for the 2005-2006 fiscal year. Proposals should
be short – less than five pages. Two pages, including the attached budget
form, is perfectly sufficient. Basically, we want to know what you are going
to do, who is going to be responsible, how much it will cost total, how much
money you expect to take in, how much your yudanshakai or others will fund,
and how much you want from us.
We currently have $7,000 available for the fiscal year. We intend to award $5,000
of it at the July meeting in grants from $250 to $1,000, with $2,000 reserved
for projects later in the year. PROPOSALS ARE DUE BY JUNE 20, 2005.

Criteria for funding:

  1. MUST address senior players. Proposals may include transitional (high school
    and older) juniors as well. Proposals only addressing junior players will
    NOT be funded.
  2. MUST benefit a substantial number of USJF members. Proposals to fund one
    or two individuals to a camp or competition will NOT be funded. Examples of
    proposals that would benefit a substantial number of members:

    • Funding for a clinician to offer a regional clinic attended by 20 or
      more USJF members in a smaller yudanshakai that does not usually have
      the funds offer clinics.
    • Partial funding for a team of 10 USJF members to travel attend a camp
      or tournament at which 30 or more other USJF members will also be in attendance.
    • Partial or full scholarships for 5 or more USJF members to attend a
      regional clinic where other USJF members will also be in attendance.

    The rationale for the last two above are that the other members at the tournament
    or clinic benefit also by having increased competition or training partners.
    These are EXAMPLES. If you have an idea you would like to see funded, please
    send it in. We really want to support your activities.

  3. Includes matching funds. This is not an absolute criteria, but proposals
    that include matching funds will be given preference. For example, if USJF
    funds one-third of the cost of a camp, the camp director agrees to a one-third
    reduction for USJF scholarship awardees and the camper pays one-third. Or,
    the yudanshakai may fund 25% of a team cost and request 50% from USJF with
    25% paid by the competitors.
  4. Quality of personnel. Please describe the individual in a few sentences,
    e.g., Sensei Whatshisname has taught judo for 30 years. He is a former Panamerican
    Gold medalist, World Team Coach and A-level referee.
  5. Includes letter of support from President of one or more yudanshakais.
    Again, not an absolute requirement, but those with yudanshakai support will
    receive preference. Only proposals from yudanshakais or USJF clubs will be
  6. Addresses competitive or recreational judo players, including masters.
    Proposals for kata, coaching, teaching or referees should be submitted to
    those subcommittees, not to senior development.


Date of Request

Summary of Request:

Event Manager Date Description Total Revenue Expected Total Expense expected Difference Between Projected Revenues and Expenses Yudanshakai, Club or Other Outlay Proposed Budget Request from the USJF

Please note: The fiscal year begins September 1, 2005. Please do not request
funds for activities before that date.



Or mail to:

AnnMaria De Mars
2111 7th St #8
Santa Monica, CA 90405