Looking for volunteers for study on judo

3 January 2005
To: All USJF Clubs
From: David Matsumoto
Re: Looking for volunteers for a study on judo

Happy New Year!

All of us for years have been touting the positive benefits to participants of judo. Now, the USJF
Development Committee and Technical Research Subcommittee is conducting a study to test the
efficacy of judo. It is extremely important for us to conduct this study and document the positive
effects of judo so that such evidence can be used to help create more dojos in the country and
spread judo.

We are soliciting dojos who would like to cooperate by participating in this study. If you cooperate, all
you would have to do is introduce the study to your students and encourage them to participate. Their
participation should be entirely voluntary and should not have an impact on any benefits or
consequences they might accrue from the USJF or your dojo.

If they do participate, they will be asked to complete a battery of brief questionnaires about
themselves, and to tell us about their judo experiences. We will ask for their email address so that we
can send them a request in a few months? time to do the questionnaires again, and thereafter every
three months.

We are especially interested in getting new students who join your dojo for the first time to

The study is designed for adolescents and adults ages 12 and up who can complete the surveys.
Those under 18 should consult with their parents and obtain their approval before participating.
We will have a website where all participation can occur via internet. For those who prefer, we will
mail out hardcopies of the questionnaires in a packet.

At this time we are just soliciting dojos who would like to participate. If at all possible we would like a
wide cross-section of the dojos in the country. Won?t you consider being part of our study? If you?re at
all interested in participating, please send me the following information via email to dm@sfsu.edu:

Your name:
Dojo name:
Mailing address:
Email address:

On behalf of the USJF Development Committee and Technical Research Subcommittee, thanks in
advance for your help and cooperation on this important project for judo.


David Matsumoto, Ph.D.