Junior Development Subcommittee Request for Proposals

Date: 1 November 2004
To: All Yudanshakai Presidents

Chris Mitsuoka
Junior Development Subcommittee
361 Panay Street
Morro Bay, CA 93442
(805) 771-8590 (Home)
(805) 781-4952 (Work)
(916) 205-8590 (Cell)

Re: Request for Proposals

The Junior Development committee has targeted the pre-teen and teen age groups
as its priority. Historically, young Judo players begin to leave the sport
for other activities that have a larger peer support group when they reach
adolescence. In addition, there is the toddler group that has very little
participation in Judo and deserves consideration.

It is the desire of the Junior Development Subcommittee to identify and fund
programs that will retain and increase participation of Judo. Special consideration
will be given to programs that are linked to other community based organizations
ie School based programs, YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, Churches etc.

Your Yudanshakai is encouraged to submit proposals for programs in this category
to the Junior Development Subcommittee. Submissions should include the following:

  1. A cover letter stating the program concept.
  2. Identify if this is a new or continuing program.
  3. Specific steps that will be taken with a tentative time line.
  4. A proposed budget. Include a total budget and the portion that the USJF
    funds will support.
  5. Identification of outside agency funding for the program.

Program requirements:

  1. The program must be available for on-site visits by the Junior Development
  2. Progress reports must be submitted on request.
  3. A final report must be provided to the Junior Development Subcommittee
    upon completion of the program.
  4. A handbook must be provided to the USJF that identifies the steps taken
    to implement and perpetuate the program. The USJF will make this information
    available without charge to other Yudanshakai to assist in the promotion of
    similar programs.


Proposals will be evaluated based upon their ability to meet the program requirements
and promote Judo in the target populations.