Senior Development Funding Announcement


The Senior Development Subcommittee has allocated $2,500 for clinics for each of the five regional programs at $500 each. The focus of these programs is to develop athletes from regional level competitors to national level players, and to improve the skills of recreational players. Therefore, funds are restricted to support coaches who are teaching at above the basic level and offering sessions for seniors and emerging juniors. Regional program staff should contact the subcommittee chair at least fourteen days in advance for approval.

AnnMaria Rousey
2111 7th St # 8
Santa Monica, CA 90405
FAX (310) 717-9089 Email;

The event must be sanctioned. Following the event, a request for payment should be submitted to the USJF national office with copies of the following documents; sign-up sheet, the one-page clinic report form and documentation of expenses (e.g., plane ticket, hotel receipts, invoice for clinician fee).

An example of a request for funds is given below:

Regional program #: 5
Clinic dates: October 15-17
Clinician : Jimmy Pedro, Sr.
Clinician?s qualifications: 1993 World Team coach, Rokudan, currently training four members of 2004 U.S. Olympic team
Amount requested: $500 to subsidize clinician airfare

Description of clinic:
A three-day clinic will be offered in Los Angeles for high school, collegiate and senior athletes and their coaches. The clinic will focus on three areas pivotal to a successful transition from junior to senior competitive levels. These are; conditioning, gripping and matwork.