Reminder for 2004 Judo Conference

Have you registered for the USJF Judo Conference? Don’t
miss out!

Registration forms can be found on the USJF website

Early registration is not required, you may register on site. Early registration
will however, guarantee housing at Hawaii Tokai International College.

This year’s conference is being conducted in conjunction with the 2004
USJF Junior National Championships in Honolulu, Hawaii. The conference will
be conducted July 5-7th .

Teacher’s Institute will feature: Dr. Michel Brousse, Dr.
David Matsumoto, Hayward Nishioka, Robert Brink, Dean Markovic, Bryan Matsuoka,
Robert Fukuda

Kata Clinic: Ichiro Abe, Tadashi Sato, Eiko Shepherd

Elite Athlete Training Camp: Two Time All Japan Champion, Jun Konno;
5-Time US Senior National Champion Sayaka Matsumoto