2004 USJF Judo Conference Memo Announcement



TO: Everyone
FROM: David Matsumoto
RE: 2004 USJF Judo Conference
DATE: November 6, 2003

Hi! I am pleased to inform everyone that the 2004 USJF Judo Conference is tentatively scheduled to be held in Honolulu, Hawaii before and after the 2004 USJF Jr. National Championships there. Here is a tentative schedule of activities:

Thursday and Friday, 1-2 July 2004 Referee Clinic
Saturday and Sunday, 3-4 July 2004 Competition
Monday – Wednesday noon, 5-7 July 2004 Teacher’s Institute, Kata Seminar, and Athlete Camp

Hopefully many of you who come to the jr. nationals will be able to attend one of the development programs – referees, kata, teachers, or camp – to continue your own professional development in judo. While hosting two very successful conferences in San Francisco, we thought we would tie the conference next year to the jr. nationals, hopefully capitalizing on the site of Hawaii as an added boost.

We are working right now to lock in facilities with affordable lodging and meals for the conference. In the near future we will be releasing information about it. In the meantime, we hope this information is useful for you as you all begin planning for attending the jr. nationals next year.

We hope to see you in Hawaii both for the jr. nationals AND for the 2004 USJF Judo Conference!