Development Committee Meeting Agenda and Minutes


USJF Development Committee

Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Monday 14 April 2003
Las Vegas, NV

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by David Matsumoto at 10:00 pm. Committee
members present were Chris Mitsuoka, Bryan Matsuoka, Eiko Shepherd, and
Vaughn Imada. Observers included Frances Glaze, Phyllis Imada, Kuniko
Takeuchi, Tom Sheehan, Dean Markovics, Bert Mackey, Joe Ahern, Ed
Hanashiro, Bret Holmes, Wayne Johnson, Ed Shiosaki, Ann Marie Rousey,
Mitchell Palacio, Neil Simon.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 pm.

Meeting reconvened on Tuesday, 15 April 2003 at 9:35 am.

II. Approval of the Minutes of the Last Meeting

It was MSP to approve the minutes of the last meeting as drafted.

III. Reports

  1. Chair
  1. Mitsuboshi Sponsorship for Jr. Nationals
    1. MSP to give 45 day grace period for lapses of membership
      for the purpose of giving this award for 2003 only.
    2. MSP to reconsider this motion.
    3. This motion rejected on reconsideration.

  2. Adidas Sponsorship
  3. Sonics Invitation junior high school team competition in Japan
  4. Mitsuboshi Possible sponsorship of Middle School team for Sonics
  • Co-Chair
    1. MSP for each subcommittee to prepare a monthly report for the
      USJF DC Newsletter by the 15 th of each month via email
      attachment (commencing 15 May.
    2. MSP that each recipient of DC funding be strongly encouraged
      to provide the DC a quarterly progress report suitable for
      publication with respect to their progress with the funding.

  • Subcommittee reports and progress on duties and responsibilities
    1. Jr. Development (Mitsuoka). See attached report.
    2. Sr. Development (Takemori). No report.
    3. Teacher’s Institute (Matsuoka). See attached report.
    4. Technical Research (Matsumoto). See attached report.
    5. Referee Development and Certification (Chi). No report.
    6. Kata (Shepherd/Glaze). See attached report.