2003 Judo Conference Reminder

Reminder – 2003 USJF Judo Conference

28 April 2003

Dear Friends in the American Judo Community:

This is a reminder about the 2003 USJF National Judo Conference, to be held 13-15 June 2003 at
San Francisco State University. This year we have made significant improvements to our national
conference in order to make it more meaningful and productive to all members of the American judo
community. These changes include:

  • having sessions not only for teachers, but also for referees, kata instructors and participants, and elite athletes in training
  • presentation of our newly revised teacher?s institute curriculum, which we hope will revitalize the teaching of judo in the country
  • moving the conference to start on Friday and end on Sunday, so working adults need take only one day off from work

We hope that you will be excited to participate in our 2003 National Judo Conference. And as in the
past, as an added incentive we will waive the conference fees for one member of each USJF charter
club to attend the conference.

Hope to see you in June in San Francisco! Registration forms are on the website!


David Matsumoto, Ph.D.
Chair, USJF Development Committee