Open Tournament Agreement effective February 27, 2003

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Open Tournament Agreement

United States Judo, Inc.(USJI), – dba USA Judo, United States Judo Federation (USJF) and United States Judo Association
(USJA), hereafter referred to collectively as the “member organizations” have entered into an “Open Tournament Agreement.”
Under this agreement members of all three member organizations will be permitted into all tournaments not excluded under
the 1984 Agreement. The excluded events are: Senior National Championships, U.S. Open, Fall Classic/Ladder Tournament,
National High School and Collegiate Nationals, National Junior Olympic Championships, Junior US Open
and all other events
holding an international sanction. Non NGB members participating in open events resulting in the attainment of NGB Elite
Level Points must become members of USA Judo, before the points will be awarded and recorded on the USA Judo Senior or
Junior National Point Rosters.

Open Events will be sanctioned by only one of the three member organizations in response to the hosting organization’s
member affiliation which will provide the sole source of general liability insurance. Sanctions provided by any of the
three above identified national Judo member organizations will be recognized by the other member organizations and will
be the sole vehicle which will permit each individual participant’s Sports Accident insurance to be in force for all such
sanctioned activity. Under the terms of this agreement there will be no ?co-sanctioned? events and the sanctioning authority
will be obligated to provide the other two member organizations with evidence of “certificates of insurance” for all activities
for which they sanction. Additionally, the sanctioning organization will provide the other member organizations with copies
of all post action reports the contents of which to be negotiated between the three member organizations.

Each of the organizations may withdraw from the Open Tournament Agreement by providing thirty (30) days written notice to
the other member organizations. Involuntary withdraw may also be precipitated by receipt of Notice of Intent to Cancel from
any parties General Liability or Sports Accident provider. Participation of the remaining members will continue, unless they
exercise their option in keeping with the above notice. This agreement will automatically terminate on Sept. 1, of each
ensuing year if acceptable evidence of insurance copies of each member organization’s General Liability and Sports Accident
are not exchanged by that date, with the corresponding policies being exchanged by November 1.

This agreement will take effect at 12:01 AM, February 27, 2003 and continue until the written notice of cancellations, or
other defaults noted above, is/are activated in accordance with the terms specified herein.

Signed agreements on file by:

Dr. Ronald Tripp, President
USJI dba USA Judo
Noboru Saito, President
U.S. Judo Federation
James Bregman, President
U.S. Judo Association