90th Birthday Celebration for Fukuda Sensei

Professor Keiko Fukuda’s 90th Birthday

Please Mark Your Calendars! Join Our Judo Family as we celebrate Professor Keiko Fukuda’s
90th Birthday! A dinner in her honor will be arranged during the upcoming Senior Nationals
in Las Vegas. Tentatively the dinner is scheduled for Wednesday evening, April 16. 2003.
Cost: $90 a plate with proceeds going to the Keiko Fukuda Judo Scholarship Fund.

The Keiko Fukuda Scholarship was established by Professor Fukuda to encourage female judoka
to continue their formal education and also their training in Judo. Scholarships are awarded
to both Shiai and Kata competitors in alternate years.

Professor Fukuda is one of the original students of Dr. Kano. She has been practicing what Dr.
Kano taught her and sharing it with all of us for many devoted years. Your participation in
this dinner celebration will honor her and continue her efforts. Please make a special effort
to attend this event. If it is not possible for you to be present, we invite you to contribute
to the scholarship fund and your name will be listed among the benefactors. More details will
be forthcoming.