Year end deadline reminder for coaches and instrcutors



TO: All USJF Chartered Clubs/Dojos
Yudanshakai Presidents
Yudanshakai Rank Registration Chairpersons
Certified Coaches
FROM: Robert Fukuda, Executive Director
RE: Important Deadline Reminder
DATE: December 18, 2002

We are nearing the end of 2002. We trust that all of you have enjoyed a healthy and productive year…
We would like to take this opportunity to request that you remind all of your members and students of
some important deadlines…

Final 50th Anniversary Book Deadline – December 31, 2002

As previously announced, the 50th Aniversary Book will be printed and distributed this summer.
Thus, we have extended the deadlines for pre-sales discounts and for sponsoring the project as
well. Please visit our web site to download the forms. The 31st is just around the corner. Don’t

First Aid & CPR Compliance Deadline – January 31, 2003

All USJF Certified Coaches MUST submit copies of their valid CPR & First Aid Certification to the
National Office by Friday, January 31, 2003. Failure to comply will invalidate your coach
certification. The National Office has been charged with tracking compliance and will be furnishing
updated rosters to all national events. If you do not submit your valid CPR & First Aid certifications
to the National Office, you will appear on the roster as having a suspended license.

To have valid coach certification, you must have the following on record at the National Office:

  1. Passed Coach Certification Clinic (certification valid for 4 years)
  2. Paid the Coach Certification Fee ($20 – $10 certificate & $10 badge)
  3. Submitted copy of CPR certification (generally American Red Cross or American Heart Association)
  4. Submitted copy of First Aid or Sport Safety Training certification (generally American Red Cross or American Heart Association)

You must not allow your CPR and First Aid certifications to lapse – they must be current or your
Coach certification along with its privileges will become void.

All coaches who have not complied by January 31, 2003, will have their coach
certification suspended and will not be permitted to coach at any national event.

We would also like to clarify a couple of points here:

  • The clinic fees you pay to attend and participate in a Coach Certification Clinic is not your
    certification fee. It is the clinic fee to help offset clinic costs.
  • To be certified, you must pay the certification fee to the USJF National Office. The fee is
    $20 and includes your certificate and your badge.
  • If you do not have a USJF coach certification certificate and/or a USJF coach badge, then
    you are not certified by USJF. Attending a certification clinic is not sufficient, you must pay
    the certification fee to be certified.
  • If you already have current USJI certification, then it is not necssary for you to obtain USJF
    certification. But, if you would like to obtain USJF certification, you must pay the certification
    fees and submit the required documentation as mentioned earlier.