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July, 2002

Upcoming Events (August-October 2002)

The following lists various USJF sanctioned events. Please check the USJF website for the most recent information.

Date Event Location Yudanshakai Contact Tel No.
08/10/02 Junior Competitor’s Clinic Glenn Dale, MD Shufu Edwin Y. Takemori (410) 431-7360
08/17/02 50th Annual Eastern Open Championship Beltsville, MD Shufu Kenneth Tamai (301) 773-1995
08/11/02 Hokka Kata Clinic Santa Clara, CA Hokka S. Keith Watanabe (408) 255-1673
08/18/02 2002 Nikkei Game Judo Tournament Long Beach, CA Nanka Jack Wada (310) 704-9261
08/19/02 2002 Youth Judo Development Camp El Cerrito, CA Daiheigen Steve Hata (510) 237-5335
08/24/02 3rd Annual Women’s Clinic & Kohaku Shiai Chicago, IL Chicago Susan Kim (773) 784-7766
08/24/02 2002 Summer Development Clinic San Francisco, CA Daiheigen Steve Hata (510) 237-5335
09/15/02 Nanka Fall Judo Championships Norwalk, CA Nanka Jack Wada (310) 329-8180
09/28/02 Rock & Roll Tournament Cleveland, OH Konan Michael Mooney (440) 646-9900
09/28/02 36th Annual Invitational East Coast Championship Newark, NJ Hudson Yoshisada Yonezuka (908) 276-3544

2001-2002 USJF Awards Summary

Congratulations to the following Judoka for being recognized by the members of the USJF as outstanding
contributors in the various categories. You will find short articles in this issue about most recipients.

Award Award Recipient
Referee of the Year Hector E. Estevez
International Senior Male Athlete of the Year Rhadi B. Ferguson
International Senior Female Athlete of the year Stephanie M. Hata
National Senior Male Athlete of the Year Taylor S. Takata
National Senior Female Athlete of the Year Amy Y. L. Tong
International Youth Male Athlete of the Year Nathan J. Torra
International Youth Female Athlete of the year Stephanie M. Hata
National Youth Male Athlete of the Year Sarkis Chivitchian
National Youth Female Athlete of the Year Cindy M. Imai
International Senior Male Athlete Coach of the Year Lloyd Irvin
International Senior Female Athlete Coach of the Year Dr. David Matsumoto
International Youth Male Athlete Coach of the Year Jason Morris and Teri Takemori
International Youth Female Athlete Coach of the Year Dr. David Matsumoto
National Junior Female Athlete of the Year Tara Nishiyama
Kata Competitor of the Year Karen Collias Whilden
Kata Competitor of the Year Frances Glaze

Referee of the Year

Mr. Hector E. Estevez has been a dedicated Judo Referee over the years. He has achieved the highest
referee status. He passed the IJF “A” Referee test on November 2001 in Cordoba Argentina during the
Pan American Judo Union Senior Championships.

His personality and caring about other Judoka is evident. He will continue to be dedicated to Judo in the future.

International Senior Male Athlete of the Year: Rhadi Ferguson

Rhadi Ferguson had an outstanding 2001, winning the Sr. Nationals and a 3rd at the New York Open.
His best showing came near the end of the year with an impressive Gold at the US Open at 100kg.

Lloyd Irvin on Rhadi Ferguson- "After reviewing many Judo tapes I didn’t notice many Judoka’s
in Rhadi’s weight class that worked well on the ground and I felt that if Rhadi improved in this area
it would give him an added advantage. Well he has definitely improved in that area and everyone on the
circuit has noticed it. Rhadi and I our fraternity brothers and very good friends, he’s like my little
brother. Since I’m Rhadi’s only training partner we train very hard in both tachi waza and newaza, Rhadi
takes it a little easy on me standing because if I got hurt then he wouldn’t have a training partner.
He has been doing great for the last 2 years especially given the fact that I’m his only training partner."

International Senior Female Athlete of the Year and International Youth Female Athlete of the Year: Stephanie Hata

Stephanie Hata was dominant throughout the year 2001.
She won the 44kg division at both the Sr. Nationals and the US Open with relative ease.
Stephanie’s record for 2001 includes the following:

Silver medal US High School Nationals
Gold Medal US Senior nationals
Gold medal Goteburg International, Sweden
Gold medal, USJF Youth Nationals
Gold medal, USJI Jr. Olympics
Gold medal, US Open

National Senior Male Athlete of the Year: Taylor Takata

Taylor Takata emerged as a major force in the 60kg division in 2001. He placed 3rd in the Sr. Nationals and
had his best finish at the US Open with a Silver. He finished off the year strong with a Gold at the Pan Am

National Senior Female Athlete of the Year: Amy Tong

In 2001, Amy Tong won her third straight Sr. National Championship title. She was consistently strong the
rest of the year with Bronze medals at the US Open, Rendez Vous Canada and the Pan Am Championships.

International Youth Male Athlete of the Year: Nathan J. Torra

Nate Torra ended 2001 the number one Junior in both 60kg and 66kg. He fought most of the senior tournaments
at 60kg and the junior events at 66kg. Nate started off with a bang winning the Sr. Nationals at age 18 years
old and went on to win the Junior Olympics and the Youth International during the summer. He finished the year
with a bronze medal at the Rendez Vous Canada.

National Youth Male Athlete of the Year: Sarkis Chivitchian

Sarkis Chivitchian is a member of the Hayastan Judo Club in the Los Angeles Area, and he is one to the top
upcoming Youth Players in the 73kg division. In 2001, Sarkis won the USJF Jr. Nationals, 2nd in the Miami
Youth International, 1st in Jr. Olympics, 2nd in the USJI High School National, and Bronze Medalist in the
Jr. Pan American Championships. In 2002, he won the High School Nationals, 2nd in the Jr. Olympics, and 5
in the USJI Sr. Nationals. He is currently the number 1 player on the National roster in his division.

National Youth Female Athlete of the Year: Cindy M. Imai

Cindy Imai started out the year 2001 with a second place finish at Senior Nationals. This was follwed by
earning her sixth triple crown, a first at the Junior US Open and a spot to represent the United States at
the Junior Pan-Ams. She ended the year with fifth place finishes at the US Open and the Rendezvous tournament
in Canada.

International Senior Male Athlete Coach of the Year: Lloyd Irvin

Lloyd Irvin has been working closely with International Senior Male Athlete of the Year, Rhadi Ferguson.
Rhadi has credited his recent rise to the top to Coach Irvin. Ferguson believes Irvin is deserving of
International Senior Male Athlete Coach of the Year because of his dedication and hard work.

Mr. Lloyd Irvin Jr. a Graduate of Bowie State University holds the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt in Thai Jitsu,
1st Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Combat Sombo, 1st Degree Black Belt in Judo,
1st Degree Black Belt in BCG. Lloyd’s journey of the martial arts began at the age of 3. He began his grappling
career as a wrestler in 1983 and later moved to the arts of submission. The first and only African American in the
World to receive a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. One of only three Non-Brazilians to ever receive a Brazilian
Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt in Brasil. In 1999 he became the first American to ever defeat a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
in Brasil. What makes this even more amazing was that he had just received his brown belt 3 days prior. After this
amazing victory Lloyd Irvin had a feature story written about him in the World Famous Gracie Magazine in Brasil.

International Senior Female Athlete Coach of the Year and International Youth Female Athlete Coach of the
Year: Dr. David Matsumoto

David Matsumoto of East Bay Judo Club has produced many top Jr. and Sr. players. Among them are 2001 International
Senior Female Athlete of the Year, Stephanie Hata and Sayaka Matsumoto, 2001 World Team Member and 2000 Jr. World
Silver medalist.

International Youth Male Athlete Coach of the Year: Jason Morris and Teri Takemori

Jason Morris and Teri Takemori together run the JasonMorris Judo Club located in Scotia, NY. They are a relatively
new club but have produced three #2 Sr. National players (Carrie Chandler 57kg, Liz Burns 52kg and Nate Torra 60kg)
and 2 #1 Jr. National players including the 2001 International Jr. Male Athlete of the Year, Nate Torra.

National Junior Female Athlete of the Year: Tara Nishiyama

Tara Nishiyama’s Judo accomplishments include the following notable finishes:

1st place 2001 USJF Jr Nationals
1st place USA Jr International in Boca Raton FL
1st place 2001 CJI State Championships

She is a member of the Venice Judo Club. Tara is active in the Venice Japanese Community Center and helps with
pooling and scorekeeping in local tournaments. Finally, she is in the Playa del Ray elementary school gifted program
and is a straight A student.

Kata Competitor of the Year: Karen Whilden and Frances Glaze

Frances Glaze and Karen Whilden have achieved extraordinary success in kata. They spend countless hours on the mat
and their hard work has paid off. Here are some of their recent accomplishments. At the 2001 USA Judo Senior Nationals
they were the overall champions placing silver in Ju no Kata, and gold in Katame no kata and Nage no Kata. They were
overall champions at the 2001 Fukuda International Kata Championships and were awared silver in Goshin Jutsu, and gold
in Ju no Kata, Katame no Kata and Nage No Kata. At the 2001 Pan American Judo Championships in Argentina, they swept
the Gold in all three katas, Nage no Kata, Katame no kata, and Juno Kata. Surely this record is impressive! The USJF
Kata Development Committee is extremely proud of their efforts and accomplishments. Frances Glaze and Karen Whilden
are an inspiration for us all!

Many of the above photographs were provided by Lou Digesare/Real Judo Magazine.

Junior Judoka Development

Athlete Scholar of the Year Awards

1st Place ($750 scholarship): Cindy M. Imai, Mojica Judo Club, Nanka Judo Yudanshakai
2nd Place ($500 scholarship): Lisa M. Uemura, Salinas Judo Club, Hokka Judo Yudanshakai
3rd Place ($250 scholarship): Michael M. Eldred, Western Idaho Judo Institute, Daiheigen Judo Yudanshakai

The award winners were announced at the USJF Junior Nationals during the awards ceremonies immediately prior
to the start of the 2nd day of competition.

Results of 2002 USJF Jr. National Championships Online

The results of the 2002 USJF Jr. National Championships are available online by visiting

Pictures Available for Viewing from the 2002 USJF Jr. National Championships

(https://www.usjf.com/news2002/photoupdate.html) Xpress
Photos was the photographer working the 2002 Junior Nationals and printing photos out on site. We now have all the
photos from both days uploaded onto our website for anyone to view and purchase. If you would like to post information
on your website we can be found at http://www.xpress-photos.com. If we can answer any questions, or be of assistance
in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can also be reached by phone at (530) 333-2189, Or by mail at
P.O. Box 2189 Georgetown CA, 95634.

2002 Jr. National Nage no Kata Championships

By Eiko Shepherd

The 2002 Jr. National Kata Championships took place the Sacramento Convention Center on Sunday, July 8th. At
6:45am the Kata judges and recorders received instruction from the kata Chairperson. The 6th Annual Junior and
Youth Kata Championships began at precisely 7:30am.

It was impressive to see the Junior and Youth team’s perform the Nage no Kata! The level of ability was excellent.
We hope to add Katame no Kata to the next year’s Kata Championships and give these young judoka another challenge!

The USJF Development Committee would like to express deep appreciation to Chuka Yudanshakai and their tournament
staff for their help. They made our job enjoyable. Special thanks to Mr. Mac Takeda (Tournament Director),
Mr. Victor Anderson (Registration Chairman), Ms. Joyce Hatanaka (Computer Technician), Ms. Mary Gail Ford,
Mr. Keith Watanabe, Dr. Dennis Yep, Ms. Valeria Yokogawa, Dr. Larry Tsutsui, Mr. Sho Ota, Mrs. Hiraoka ,
Mr. Joshua Glasser, Mr. Craig Honda, Mr. Ernest Wakamatsu, Dr. Glenn Hamaoka, and Roy Hamaoka.

Judges: Howard Takata, George Tsubota, Teri Schweitzer, Noboru Saito, Edwin Takemori, John Anderson, Nathan Hiraoka,
Doug Tono, Daniel Trada, and Jimmy Takemori.

Pictures in this article were provide by Xpress Photos,

Kata Teams

Junior Division
Place Tori Uke
1st Anthony Kwon Jordan Kealoha
2nd Lisa Ann Fusei Frances Harvey
3rd Rachel Stangeway Kiana Abellera

Youth Division
Place Tori Uke
1st Masha Scheglove Jeffrey Fujimoto
2nd Traci Yamashita Tyson Yamashita
Johana Garcia (absent) Adam Oreskovich (absent)

Once again, with the help of those listed above, we had a wonderful tournament. The USJF Kata Development
Committee is grateful for your devotion.

USJF Jr. and Youth Development Clinic

By Teri Takemori

Featuring 2001 USJF World Team Members: Sayaka Matsumoto, Grace Jividen, Amy Tong & Neal Takamoto

We had 31 people sign up for the clinic with one no-show. Unfortunately, Amy Tong just recently had shoulder
surgery and was still in a sling, so was unable to demonstrate any techniques but was very helpful with the
participants learning each move. Sayaka, Grace and Neal each showed two of their favorite newaza moves to the
whole group and after practicing for a few minutes, had some of the kids demonstrate to make sure they are doing
it right. The group finished the morning session with a few rounds of newaza randori, many of them searching to
work out with one of the clinicians.

We broke for lunch about 11:45am and went next door to Uppercrust Pizza, an all you can eat buffet with pizza,
pasta, salad and a drink. This worked out great for everyone’s taste and it was so convenient being next door.
The cost for each person was only $6.98 and this was included in the participation fee of $50.

We started back for the afternoon session about 1:00pm. Everyone was a bit lethargic so I started this session
with a little game of football. They seemed to have fun and it got their blood moving.

Grace started out with ippon seionage with the collar grip. Then Neal continued with an ippon seionage to osotogari
with the same grip. Neal continued after that with a move that he said was more of a sumo move. Grace then went
into deashibarai (a throw she has made work for her many times), drilling with moving straight to the side, stepping
diagonally and then circling. Sayaka showed her version of entry into osotogari. She then showed sumigaeshi.

We finished with rounds of randori. Unfortunately there was one injury during randori, Tyson Yamashita (HI) hurt his knee.
We had questions from the group to the clinicians at the end. Each clinician shared some advice about their judo career.

Each participant received a set of 4 trading cards, one of each clinician. Many of the kids asked them for their autographs.
The group seemed to learn a lot and have a good time throughout the day. This was a very successful clinic.

Application Deadline for the Academic Honor Society Membership

The application deadline for the Academic Honor Society Membership for 2002 is just around the corner. Middle School,
Junior High, and Senior High Students with GPA of 3.7 or higher throughout the academic year and for Elementary School
Students with outstanding report card, letter from teacher and other requirements indicated on the application.

Visit the following page and download the application:

Thank you for your continued support of the USJF and our programs!

Limited Supply of the Epaulets Available

We have a limited supply of the epaulets that were awarded to all of the medallists at the Jr. Nationals in Sacramento.
Visit the following page to view and download the order form:

It’s first-come, first-served, so get your judoka to hurry and submit their request.

Specials thanks to Ken Hsu and Charles Bremner- for donating over 50 top of the line Adidas gis for qualified gold
medal winners and over 1000 Epaulets to medal winners at the 2002 Junior National Championships.

Standing left to right in the picture:

Ken Hsu- Tournament sponsor, President/ owner HSU
Mac Takeda- Tournament Director
Charles Bremner- Tournament sponsor, President Seka Sports, Adidas Distributor
Noboru Saito- President USJF
Vaughn Imada- First Vice President USJF
Robert Fukuda- Executive Director USJF

USJF Junior National Championship Future Dates

Listed below are the weekend assignments for the summer jr. events thru 2004. The schedule continues with our
agreement that the USJA and the USJF alternate between the 1st and 2nd weekends in July, with USJI taking the
3rd weekend. Please be sure that you coordinate with your Tournament Committees so that they schedule your event
for the correct weekend. As always, if the need arises, we can try to accommodate changes; the sooner we know
about them, the better the chance that the request can be accommodated.

Please note the change in the 2003 schedule due to scheduling problems in Florida. The USJA Jr. Nationals
& USJI Jr. Olympics are NOT affected by the change.

The 2004 Jr. Olympics have been moved to the 4th week of July.

Additionally, we now include the Junior U.S. Open on this schedule as well. The dates for this event
are tentative. Generally it will be held on the first weekend in August.


1st July 5-6, 2003 USJA Jr. Nationals Louisville, Kentucky
2nd July 12-13, 2003 no event
3rd July 19-20, 2003 USJI Jr. Olympics Albuquerque, New Mexico
4th July 26-27, 2003 USJF Jr. Nationals Boca Raton, Florida
August 2-3, 2003 Jr. U.S. Open Boca Raton, Florida


1st July 3-4, 2004 USJF Jr. Nationals Hawaii
2nd July 10-11, 2004 USJA Jr. Nationals Chicago, Illinois
3rd July 17-18, 2004 no event
4th July 25-26, 2004 USJI Jr. Olympics Boca Raton, Florida
July 31 – August 1, 2004 Jr. U.S. Open Boca Raton, Florida

Senior Judoka Development

No news this issue.

Kata Development

2002 Jr. National Nage no Kata and Certification Clinic

By Eiko Shepherd

The 2002 Annual USJF Jr. National Nage no Kata and Certification Clinic was held on July 4 at Hyatt Regency in Sacramento,
California. The Clinic started with registration at 8:30 and morning practice from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. A lunch break was
held from 12:00 until 1:00 pm. The afternoon session from 1:00 to 4:00pm was used to review Nage no Kata and give the
certification tests.

Head clinician, Eiko Shepherd, taught the advanced adult students and assistant clinician,

Teri Schweitzer taught Junior participants. On the mat both junior and senior participants showed great interest. The
clinicians covered the fine details of the Nage no Kata.

It seems every year this Kata clinic is drawing more and more interest. One adult participant made a special trip from
Idaho just for this clinic. Also, we had several participants from Hawaii and California.

The following participants took the certification test:

George Tsubota Ju no Kata

Rocky Lima Katame no Kata

Sergey Makarenko Nage no Kata

Daniel Terada Katame no Kata

Clinic Participants:

Lisa Fasula Elliot Harvey Frances Harvey Jordan Kealoha
Julie Koyama Anthony Kwon Rocky Lima Sergey Makarenko
Kenji Osugi Einhurd Schmid Edward Staniek Daniel Terada
George Tsubota Gerald Uyeno Toby Wertzel  

The USJF Kata Development Committee would like to thank you for your Participation.

Instructor Development

USJF Coaching Clinic

By Hayward Nishioka

The Coaching Clinic was attended by more than 20 coaches, who were certifying for either level "E" or
CPR/First Aid. Unfortunately, the CPR portion of the clinic could not be given due to unforeseen traffic conditions
that prevented the picking up of the mannequins at the Red Cross Office. The following day, July 5th, an effort
was made to pick them up again, but the office was still closed due to the extended 4th of July holiday weekend.
The First Aid section was, however, covered and completed by the attendees and can be credited towards Level
"D" certification.

The actual "E" certification clinic portion covered the requisite course of Judo history, ethics,
philosophy, biomechanics, teaching methods, lesson planning, and training methods and techniques.
These areas were covered over a 16+ hour period. The teaching methods employed included lecture, videos, discussions,
discussion groups, presentations, self-evaluation forms, and examinations.

Referee Development

USJF Referee Clinic

By Allen Gordon

Referee Clinic

A referee clinic was held on Friday, July 5, prior to the 2002 USJF Junior National Championships in Sacramento, CA.
It was an all day clinic attended by 34 people (see appendix for list). In addition, Mr. Ovidio Garnero, from the
PJU Referee Commission was also in attendance. The clinic was led by Mr. Joon Chi.

The clinic topics included a discussion of the 2001 Refereeing Rules Amendments that were presented at the Munich
Congress. Then the participants were divided into two groups. One group was led by Mr. Ovidio Garnero and the other
group was led by Mr. Joon Chi. The groups discussed several of the articles from the Referee Rules. A practical,
on-the-mat session that involved several mock shiai in which some of the participants took turns at refereeing
in front of the entire group. Much discussion ensued about interpretations of the rules.

The main goal of this clinic and future clinics it to improve the quality of refereeing and the number of qualified

Referee Promotions

Barbara Shimizu was promoted to IJF-B

The following were promoted to PJU-C:

Calvin Terada
Dan Takata
Jerry Wee
Cary Yamanaga

Referee Candidates

The following are candidates for PJU-C at the 2002 US Judo Junior Open International in Boca Raton, FL:

Raymond Saito
Keith Hayashi
Paul Jordon

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