June Development Report


Development Newsletter

June, 2002

Upcoming Events (June-September 2002)

The following lists various USJF sanctioned events. Please check the USJF website at
https://www.usjf.com/events.php for the most
recent information.

Date Event Location Yudanshakai Contact Tel No.
06/22/02 Kata Clinic by Masters New York, NY Hudson Yoshisada Yonezuka (908) 276-3544
06/23/02 Nanka Pre-National Judo Championships Norwalk, CA Nanka Jack Wada (310) 329-8180
06/26/02 Nanka Kata Clinic Long Beach, CA Nanka Joan Shiosaki (310) 891-0744
06/30/02 Spirit of the Eagle International Judo Camp Bluffton, OH Konan Mark Hunter (419) 722-3476
07/04/02 2002 Jr. National Nage No Kata & Cert. Clinic Sacramento, CA Hokka Mac Takeda (916) 685-6751
07/04/02 39th USJF Jr. Youth & Team & Kata Championships Sacramento, CA Hokka Mac Takeda (916) 685-6751
07/08/02 Jr. & Youth Development Clinic Sacramento, CA Daiheigen Teri Takemori (518) 399-3936
08/10/02 Junior Competitor’s Clinic Glenn Dale, MD Shufu Edwin Y. Takemori (410) 431-7360
08/17/02 50th Annual Eastern Open Championship Beltsville, MD Shufu Kenneth Tamai (301) 773-1995
09/15/02 Nanka Fall Judo Championships Norwalk, CA Nanka Jack Wada (310) 329-8180
09/28/02 Rock & Roll Tournament Cleveland, OH Konan Michael Mooney (440) 646-9900

Junior Judoka Development

Youth Development Clinic at USJF Jr. Nationals

Monday July 8

Clinicians: 2001 USJF World Team Members; Grace Jividen-Chapman, Sayaka Matsumoto, Neal Takamoto, and Amy Tong

For more information, please visit the USJF Jr. Nationals website at

2001 Jr. Competitor of the Year Nominations

The form for nominating the 2001 Jr. Competitor of the Year is now available for downloading
from the web site. You can navigate to the page from the "What’s New" section or directly
by going to https://www.usjf.com/news2002/2001jrcompaward.html

Please submit your nomination to your yudanshakai. Only one nomination per yudanshakai.

Thank you very much,
Robert Fukuda

Senior Judoka Development

International Summer Judo Camp Update

International Summer Judo Camp web has been updated.? Please visit

1)???? Camp and Tournament registration forms are ready (Page 8 & 10).

2)???? World Champion Sensei "THE NEWAZA" Kashiwazaki is coming with International Budo University
team this summer.

3)???? Oversea Teams are coming from Japan, Canada, Swiss, Oceania and US mainland.

Please join this wonderful event and improve your Judo on July 23-28, 2002 at Honolulu, Hawai

USJF Athlete-Scholar of the Year Award

The application packet for the 2002 USJF Athlete Scholar of the Year Award is now available for
downloading from the USJF website at
.? Completed applications must be submitted with transcripts
by Friday, August 16, 2002.

Please distribute this info to anyone who may be interested.

Kata Development

Kata Clinic and Certification Testing at USJF Jr. Nationals

Thursday, July 4th (registration 8:30 a.m.)

Clinician: Eiko Shepherd and the USJF Kata Subcommittee

For more information, please visit the USJF Jr. Nationals website at

Annual USJF Kata Conference Report

The USJF Kata Conference was held at San Francisco State University on June 10, 11, and 12, 2002.?
The Kodokan instructors were Mr. Tadashi Sato, 8th Dan and Mr. Toshihiro Utsugi, 7th
Dan.? We had 15 people participate in this kata conference.? The participants were:

Professor Keiko Fukuda – CA Eiko Shepherd – IL Howard Nam – CA
Frances Christie – CA Patrick Lam – MA Frances Vall – VA
Kuniko Takeuchi – CA Ernest Wakamatsu – CA Kenji Osugi – CA
Darrell Darling – CA George Tsubota – HI Lima Rocky – ID
Michelle Holtze – MN Frances Glaze – OH Pamela Mery – CA
Julie Kawahara – CA    

During the day we practiced
Ju no Kata, Nage no Kata, Katame no Kata, Kime no Kata, and Goshin Jitsu.? During the evening we
had free practice from 7 pm to 9 pm.? We practiced Koshiki no Kata and Itsutsu no Kata during those
evening sessions.? People used the time to review what they did during the day.

We had a very small turnout, which allowed for private instruction.? The instructors have so
much knowledge in kata.? Participants gained so much from this opportunity.? We definitely should
continue the National Kata Conference each year.

We appreciate the work of David Matsumoto and assistant Margaret Catt for making the arrangements
on site.

Thank you,
Eiko Shepherd
Chairperson, Kata Development and Certification

Instructor Development

Coaches Certification, including CPR and First Aid Course at USJF Jr. Nationals

Thursday July 4th and Friday July 5th

Clinician: Hayward Nishioka

For more information, please visit the USJF Jr. Nationals website at

Coaches Meeting and Dojo Coaches Clinic at USJF Jr. Nationals

Friday July 5th

Clinician: Steve Cohen

For more information, please visit the USJF Jr. Nationals website at

NTI Conference Update

Latest News about the National Teachers Institute Conference

This is the latest update that will be sent about the National Teachers Institute Conference occurring this week
from 6-8 June 2002 at San Francisco State University in San Francisco, California.

We have a great program scheduled that includes mat sessions by Tadahiro Nomura, Two Time Olympic Gold Medallist;
Steve Cohen, 1988 Olympic Team Member and Head Coach, 2000 Olympic Team; and the instructors of some of the most
successful dojos in the country. In addition, we have classroom sessions that provide the latest information on
psychology, motor development, and ethics. Also, Professor Naoki Murata of the Kodokan Judo Institute of Tokyo,
Japan will provide a speech on the history and philosophy of judo.

Some slots are still available for either one-day or full conference participation. Walk in registration will
be available every morning from 8:00 a.m.

We look forward to seeing you all there. Thanks a lot in advance for making this conference a huge success for
the USJF.

1st USJF National Teachers Institute Conference Report

The first USJF National Teachers Institute Conference was held at San Francisco State University from June 6-9,
2002.? The opening remarks were presented by Dr. David Matsumoto, Chairperson of Development for the USJF in which
he stressed the training of the next generation of teachers at the grass roots level for judo growth.

This year?s conference boasted of some of the leaders in the field of kinesiology, psychology, and judo.? Ms Beth
Kelley spoke on Ethics and risk management, Dr. Jeff Leroux on Learning and Motivation, Dr. Allen Abraham on Motor
Development, Hayward Nishioka on Teaching Methods.? With the exception of Mr. Nishioka who is a professor at Los
Angeles City College, the other three are faculty members at San Francisco State University.

Leading off the judo related materials was two time Olympic Gold Medallist, Tadahiro Nomura, U.S. Olympic Judo,
Coach Steve Cohen, Kodokan Historian Professor Naoki Murata, and Judo therapist, Takenori Asanuma.? All of the
presenters provided the more than 40 attendees information that otherwise would not be available.?

Some of the highlights of the conference included the lightening fast techniques of Tadahiro Nomura, and the
insights into judo history presented by Professor Murata of the Kodokan.? A couple of added benefits of the
program were from Steve Cohen on what?s needed in order to improve American Judo.? In addition a panel of experts
from some of the Nations most successful dojos took on questions from the audience and everyone was able to share
ideas on how to improve judo.

Much of this year?s conference success goes to Margaret Catt, the conference coordinator, and David Matsumoto
and his assistants, the driving forces behind this project.?? Just a note of recognition to Mitchell Palacio who
was the originator of the idea of teacher education conferences for judo was also in attendance as a participant.?
Now that’s a lesson in humility.

Hayward Nishioka
Chairperson National Teacher?s Institute

Referee Development

Referee Clinic at the USJF Jr. Nationals

The information & registration packet for the Referee Clinic at the USJF Jr. Nationals is attached to
this email. It will also be available for downloading from our web site shortly. Clinicians will be South American
PJU Referee Commission Member, Mr. Ovidio Garnero of Argentina and our own Mr. Joon Chi, who is the North &
Central American PJU Referee Commission Member.? It will be a great learning opportunity and also a chance to be
critiqued by 2 members of the PJU Referee Commission.

For more information, please visit the USJF website at
.? Please distribute this info to anyone who may be interested.

Referee Clinic

Friday July 5th

Clinicians: Ovidio Garnero, PJU Referee Commission Member from South America

Joon Chi PJU, Referee Commission Member from North & Central America



Judo in every American community and school


To serve and support its members in the American judo community while upholding the principles of mutual welfare
and benefit


Create and maintain a customer service orientation

Cultivate leadership at all levels of the organization

Create a positive image of judo

Guiding Principles

?         Open communications

?         Clarifying before speaking (making sure you understand
what the person is saying and where they are coming from)

?         Deal with facts (data) (Fact-based decision making)

?         Cooperation ? all working toward the same outcome

?         Decision making in the best interest of grass roots
judo in the US through yudanshakais and USJF Committees ? Mutual welfare and benefit

?         Balanced Budget

?         Collaboration of activities? helping each other out

?         Inclusiveness rather than exclusiveness

?         Integrity ? doing what you say you are going to do

Goals and Success Measures

Overall Goals Measures of Success
Continue USJF membership growth 5% increase per year
Continue with judoka, sensei, and leadership skill proficiency 10% average increase in training
Increase overall yudanshakai participation and involvement 100% participation and involvement in USJF activities from all yudanshakai
Develop a USJF brand image 5% of the population in a targeted community differentiates judo from martial arts

USJF Development Committee Chairperson

Development Committee Co-chairperson: David Matsumoto

Development Committee Co-chairperson: Vaughn Imada

Kata Development Subcommittee Chairperson: Eiko Shepherd

Kata Development Subcommittee Vice-Chairperson: Frances Glaze

Junior Development Subcommittee Chairperson: Chris Mitsuoka

Senior Development Subcommittee Chairperson: Teri Takemori

National Teachers Institute Subcommittee Chairperson: Hayward Nishioka

National Teachers Institute Subcommittee Vice-Chairperson: Bryan Mitsuoka

Technical Research Subcommittee Chairperson: David Matsumoto

Referee Development and Certification Subcommittee Chairperson: Joon Chi

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Editor: Ernie Wakamatsu

USJF, PR Committee Chairperson, Vaughn Imada

USJF, Development Committee Co-Chairperson, David Matsumoto

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