National Teacher Institute Update

  Latest News about the National Teachers Institute Conference

This is the latest update that will be sent about the National Teachers Institute Conference
occurring this week from 6-8 June 2002 at San Francisco State University in San Francisco, California.

We have a great program scheduled that includes mat sessions by Tadahiro Nomura, Two Time Olympic
Gold Medalist; Steve Cohen, 1988 Olympic Team Member and Head Coach, 2000 Olympic Team; and the
instructors of some of the most successful dojos in the country. In addition, we have classroom
sessions that provide the latest information on psychology, motor development, ethics. Also,
Professor Naoki Murata of the Kodokan Judo Institute of Tokyo, Japan will provide a speech on
the history and philosophy of judo.

Some slots are still available for either one-day or full conference participation. Walk in
registration will be available every morning from 8:00 a.m.

We look forward to seeing you all there. Thanks a lot in advance for making this conference a
huge success for the USJF.

David Matsumoto