May 2002 Development Newsletter


Development Newsletter

May, 2002

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Upcoming Events (May-August 2002)

The following lists various USJF sanctioned events. Please check the USJF website at for the most
recent information.

Date Event Location Yudanshakai Contact Tel No.
05/18/02 Jr. & Sr. Judo Tournament Lawrenceville, NJ Hudson Artur Tsaturyan (609) 371-0062
05/18/02 1st Annual Bay Isle Judo Jujitsu Club
Alameda, CA Central Coast David Quinonez (925) 829-0440
05/19/02 Koshiki no Kata Clinic Birmingham, MI Konan Noboru Saito (248) 585-7982
05/25/02 Am-Can International Challenge Amherst, NY At Large Melvin N. Ginter (716) 693-6008
05/25/02 Waiakea Judo Club 2002 Tournament
& Kata/Referee
Hilo, HI 50th State Ronald Takeya (808) 961-3646
06/02/02 11th Annual Salinas Invitational Judo
Salinas, CA Hokka Bob Uemura (831) 424-9330
06/08/02 State Games of Oregon Judo Tournament Corvallis, OR Northwest Charles Brown (541) 758-3869
06/09/02 Tohkon Classic VII Chicago, IL Chicago Doug Tono (773) 784-7766
06/10/02 2nd Annual USJF National Kata Clinic San Francisco, CA Chicago Eiko Shepherd (618) 875-2558
06/15/02 Nanka Development Mini Camp Temple City, CA Nanka Joan Shiosaki (310) 891-0744
06/16/02 2002 Youth Judo Development Camp San Francisco, CA Daiheigen Haruo Makimoto (916) 427-6830
06/23/02 Nanka Pre-National Judo Championships Norwalk, CA Nanka Jack Wada (310) 329-8180
06/26/02 Nanka Kata Clinic Long Beach, CA Nanka Joan Shiosaki (310) 891-0744
06/30/02 Spirit of the Eagle International
Judo Camp
Bluffton, OH Konan Mark Hunter (419) 722-3476
7/4/2002 to 7/7/2002 39th Annual Junior, Youth,
and Team Championship and 6th Annual Junior Nage no Kata Championship
Sacramento, CA Hokka Mac Takeda (916) 685-6751
07/08/02 Jr. & Youth Development Clinic Sacramento, CA Daiheigen Teri Takemori (518) 399-3936
08/10/02 Junior Competitor’s Clinic Glenn Dale, MD Shufu Edwin Y. Takemori (410) 431-7360
08/17/02 50th Annual Eastern Open Championship Beltsville, MD Shufu Kenneth Tamai (301) 773-1995

Junior Judoka Development

Junior and Youth Development Clinic

Come meet and
learn from our USJF 2001 World Team Members! Sayaka, Amy, Grace and Neal will be
sharing the techniques and training methods that have made them so successful.
These four individuals are fantastic role models. Coaches, athletes and
officials are welcome to participate in this event.

Date: Monday, July 8, 2002

Time: 9:00am ? 5:00pm

Location: The Hyatt Regency Hotel, 1209 L St., Sacramento, CA 95814

Featuring the 2001 USJF World Team Members

Sayaka Matsumoto (48kg)

Grace Jividen-Chapman (63kg)

Amy Tong (78kg) & Neal Takamoto (Open)

For more information, please visit

Weight Class Changes


The Pan American
Judo Union (PJU) now conducts Junior Championships for 11-12 and 13-14 year old
age groups.? These age groups are equivalent to our Intermediate-2 and Juvenile-A
categories in the Junior Olympics.? The USA Judo Board of Directors has approved
the use of the PJU weights for those categories, effective immediately.? The weights
are different from the ones currently in use and are listed below. These will be
the weights that will be tracked on USA Judo’s elite rosters for team selection and
other elite benefits like camps, and WILL BE THE ONES
USED at the 2002 National Junior Olympics in July and Jr. US Open in August

. USA Judo has recommended to the U.S. Judo Association and the U.S. Judo
Federation that they also adopt these weights for their 2002 Junior National tournaments.

The new weights are as follows:

Intermediate 2; Born 1990-1991
Boys & Girls 28 Kg. 31 Kg. 34 Kg. 38 Kg. 42 Kg. 48 Kg. 53 Kg. +53 Kg.
Juvenile A; Born 1988-1989
Boys & Girls 36 Kg. 40 Kg. 44 Kg. 48 Kg. 53 Kg. 58 Kg. 64 Kg. +64 Kg

THIS IS AN EXTREMELY IMPORTANT CHANGE. Please distribute this notice as widely as
possible, so that athletes who attend this summer’s tournaments will be aware
of the new weight categories. Entry forms for the Junior Olympics and Jr.
US Open will be updated on May 1, 2002.

Senior Judoka Development

Update Summer Judo Camp at Hawaii

Teruyoshi Yamaguchi

Hawaii Tokai International College

Group leader: Mr. Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki, International Budo
University (IBU)

Assistant Coach: Mr. Yasunori Takei

IBU Men’s Team: 23 students

IBU Women’s Team: 5 students

Kashiwazaki sensei graduated from Tokai University and
1981 World Champion -65 Kg at Maastricht. He is NEWAZA and TOMOENAGE specialist. Do not miss this special opportunity
this summer in Hawaii.

Please contact Leigh Nakamoto at for
further information.

JAM/Konan Sr. Development Workout Report

By Jerry Wee, Konan Development Committee Chairman

On Saturday January 19th sixty judokas from thirteen dojos
from Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky came to the "Michigan/Konan Team Workout"
held at the Saito Dojo in Birmingham, Michigan. This was a larger group than normal, thanks to the help of the
USJF who sponsored bringing Doug Fortune (Cumberland College Coach) and six
members of his team to join in the Konan Senior players preparation for this
years senior national championships. Also Paul Jordan (Chu to bu) of Ohio brought several participants.

Water and gatorade was provided as refreshment to all
participants by our host- Sensei Noboru Saito. Coaches present and running the 4 hour practice were Bob Treat, Steve
DeRaedt, Ron Bake and Jerry Wee. After
warm-ups a considerable amount of time was spent on drill development and
uchikomi, lead by Steve DeRaedt. After
newaza practice Doug Fortune and some of his players demonstrated several
techniques coach Fortune learned at the recent coaches conference in Colorado
Springs. The Randori was very spirited
and enjoyed by all. This was an
excellent workout and gave all the participants the opportunity to workout with
people they might ordinarily only meet in competition.

With the help of the USJF/Konan and JAM we hope to be able
to continue to have this kind of workout and bring in clinicians to improve our

This was the third Team Work-Out with more planned before
senior nationals. Although the workout
is geared for senior national competitors, several young judoka under age 12 enjoyed
themselves, as well as several “old timers.”

Kata Development

2nd Annual USJF National Kata Clinic

Date: June 10, 11, 12 2002

Where: San Francisco States University, 800 Font Blvd.,
San Francisco, CA 94132-4039

Clinician: Sensei Tadashi Sato (Kodokan 8th Dan) Sensei
Toshihiro Utsugi (Kodokan 7th Dan)

Eligibility: Participants must be current members of USJF, USJI or USJA, and be a
certified in USJF Kata Instructor (Class A, B, or C) or USJI Kata Judge (Class
A, B, or C) and have current insurance coverage in force on the days of the

Requirements: Waiver forms and application form must be properly completed, with proof
of current USJF Membership.


USJF Members: $
156.00 for four days (Lodging, meals and instruction fee) or $ 64.00 for four
days (Meals and instruction fee ONLY).

USJI or USJA Members: $ 176.00 for four days (Lodging, meals, and instruction fee) or $ 74.00
for four days (Meals, instruction fee ONLY).

Registration: There are 30 openings for this clinic. We will fill them on a first
come, first served basis.

Mail the completed application form and check payable to
United States Judo Federation.

Ms. Eiko Shepherd 1918 North 57th St. Washington Park, IL
62204; Tel: (618) 875-2558; Fax: (618) 875 1617; E-mail

Deadline for Registration is May 30. 2002. Fees are not refundable.

More information is available at

2002 Jr. National Nage no Kata and Certification Clinic

USJF Nage no Kata Instructor Certification Test

USJI Nage no Kata Judge Certification Test

Date: July 4, Thursday 2002 (USJF Sanction# TBD)

Registration: 8:30 AM to 9 :00 AM

Clinic: Fee: $ 15:00 (Please make checks payable to United
States Judo Federation)

Place: Hyatt Regency Sacramento at Capital Park, 1209 L
Street, Sacramento, CA

Eligibility: Participants in the clinic must be members of

Instructors: Eiko Shepherd (6 th Dan ) USJF Kata Chairperson
USJI Kata Committee member USJF Class A
Instructor, USJI Class A Judge and
Vicki Trent (4 th Dan ) USJF Kata Class A Instructor. UJSI Class A Judge

For more information, please visit the Junior National
Judo Championship webpage at

Ju no Kata Clinic and Certification Test Event Report

Sponsored by Konan and Michigan Judo Development

February 24, 2002

Reported by Noboru Saito

This clinic was held on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at
Saito Dojo, Birmingham Michigan from 12:30 PM to 6:00 PM. This clinic is part of Konan yudanshakai
Kata Development Programs, which started 6 years ago. Again, the clinic received the USJF Development
Grants. This grants made us to offer this clinic
free to the entire Konan club head instructors and 5 instructors took

Instruction team were Noboru Saito, Anthony Owed, Frances
Glaze and assisted by Alan Panakia and Mark Pasquinelly team, which took 2nd
place in Ju no kata at 2001 PJU Kata Championship, Cordoba, Argentina. Total of 18 participants attended this
clinic and 7 people took the test for USJF Kata Judge Certification test and 6
people took the test for USJI Kata Judge Certification.

Some of the attendee are first timer to Ju no Kata and
took the clinic for preparation for their next rank because Ju no Kata is one
of the Konan promotion requirements for Yondan – Non-Competitor and Godan.

USJF Kata Instructor Certification results:

Class A: Alan Panakia, Mark Pasquinelly

Class B: Karen DuPage, Ronald Justice, Lori Bartman, Amy White

Class C: Neil Simon

USJI Kata Judge Certification results will not be
available until the USJI Kata Judge Certification Committee approves our

All of the instructors donated their instruction fee to
USJF George C. Balch Education Scholarship that will be established at the next
USJF meeting.


The USJF National Teacher’s Institute Conference

Dates: June 6, 2002 through June 8, 2002 (Arrival date
Wednesday, 5 June 2002; departure date Sunday, 9 June 2002)

Sport Safety Training will be held on Wednesday, June 5,

Place: San
Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA USA

Target Participants: Dojo instructors and assistant instructors, (rank requirements: Ikkyu
and higher.)

Certification Provided: Level D and E of the newly approved USJF Teacher’s Institute Curriculum
(USJF, USJA, and USJI members welcome).

Conference Costs:

$225.00 for conference fee, housing and meals.

$100.00 for conference fee only

$35.00 Sport Safety Training

Registration Deadline: May 15, 2002

Registration forms and fees should be mailed to Margaret
Catt, 2343 Whispering Dr. Indpls, IN 46239

For additional information, send an Email to or visit


2002 IJF Referee Seminar Training Video

A copy of the
2002 IJF Referee Seminar Training Video has provided by the Referee Development
& Certification Subcommittee and has been mailed to all yudanshakai
Presidents. They should have already received it or will be in the next day or
two. Please contact your yudanshakai President to view the video. In addition
to the video, a brief guide is enclosed to show what call or decision was made
by the referees in the situation shown in the video.

The National
Office has a couple of copies of this video in its’ tape library and they are
available for borrowing.

If you have any
questions about the video or the situations, please direct your questions to
our Chairperson, Mr. Joon Chi. You may contact him via email:

We hope you find
this useful and an aid to improving your refereeing skills.



Judo in every American community and school


To serve and support its members in the American judo
community while upholding the principles of mutual welfare and benefit


Create and maintain a customer service orientation

Cultivate leadership at all levels of the organization

Create a positive image of judo


  • Open communications
  • Clarifying before speaking (making sure you understand what the person is saying and where they are coming from)
  • Deal with facts (data) (Fact-based decision making)
  • Cooperation – all working toward the same outcome
  • Decision making in the best interest of grass roots judo in the US through yudanshakais and USJF Committees – Mutual welfare and benefit
  • Balanced Budget
  • Collaboration of activities- helping each other out
  • Inclusiveness rather than exclusiveness
  • Integrity – doing what you say you are going to do


Overall Goals Measures of Success
Continue USJF membership growth 5% increase per year
Continue with judoka, sensei, and leadership skill proficiency 10% average increase in training
Increase overall yudanshakai participation and involvement 100% participation and involvement in USJF activities from
all yudanshakai
Develop a USJF brand image 5% of the population in a targeted community
differentiates judo from martial arts

USJF Development Committee Chairperson

Development Committee
Co-chairperson: David Matsumoto

Development Committee
Co-chairperson: Vaughn Imada

Kata Development Subcommittee
Chairperson: Eiko Shepherd

Kata Development
Subcommittee Vice-Chairperson: Frances Glaze

Junior Development
Subcommittee Chairperson: Chris Mitsuoka

Senior Development
Subcommittee Chairperson: Teri Takemori

National Teachers
Institute Subcommittee Chairperson: Hayward Nishioka

National Teachers
Institute Subcommittee Vice-Chairperson: Bryan Mitsuoka

Technical Research
Subcommittee Chairperson: David Matsumoto

Referee Development
and Certification Subcommittee Chairperson: Joon Chi

New Keiko Fukuda Judo Scholarship Committee Member

Please welcome Marisa Pedulla (Former Shiai Competitor) as
the new Keiko Fukuda Judo Scholarship Committee member. She is very knowledgeable
of the current shiai competitors, and the National Coaching Staff. Her knowledge of the shiai competitors will
be very helpful in selecting the right candidate.

Now the committee is made up of three top national
competitors Ms. Sandra Bacher, Ms. Grace Jivden-Chapman, and Marisa Pudulla, as
well as the experience committee members of Prof. Keiko Fukuda, Mr. Vaughn
Imada, and Ms. Eiko Shepherd.

Newsletter Staff

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Editor: Ernie Wakamatsu

USJF, PR Committee Chairperson, Vaughn Imada

USJF, Development Committee Co-Chairperson, David Matsumoto

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