Announcement of USJF News Email List

  We are starting up an email list called USJF_NewsList to disseminate news,
updates, and forms from the USJF National Office via email to our member
dojos, clubs, and members.

To join/subscribe to the USJF_NewsList via email:

1. Send a blank email to:

2. You will receive a subscription confirmation message. Just reply to
this message and your subscription will be complete.

If you are serving as a Yudanshakai President, Yudanshakai Rank
Registration Chairperson, USJF Committee or Subcommittee Chairperson, or
USJF Executive Committee Member, you may NOT want subscribe to this
listing as it will oftentimes receive the same information that is
already being sent to you because of your position.

PLEASE encourage others to join the list so that they may be kept
informed and up to date on events, information and programs. Please copy
the instructions and forward them to anyone who may be interested in
keeping up on what’s happening in the USJF.

As this is not meant to be a discussion group, this is a read-only group.
Members cannot respond or post to the list.

Thank you very much for your continued support of Judo and the United
States Judo Federation!