Yudanshakai - New

last updated 10 Oct 2016

A Yudanshakai is a Black Belt Association.

Being the oldest Judo organization in the USA, the USJF was originally called the Judo Black Belt Federation (JBBF). It was organized around regional/local Yudanshakai (black belt associations) that their members deal with. Many of these Yudanshakai had been operating individually for many years and have a rich legacy. The purpose of a Yudanshakai was to promote judo in its own area and run local events while the USJF focuses on the coordination and organization of grass root Judo at the national level.

The USJF as an organization has a system similar to the Electoral College. Each Yudanshakai elects its delegates who represent their interests at the national meeting.

Today, the purpose of the yudanshakai is much the same. The Yudanshakai represents its clubs and members to the national organization and promotes judo with its own members. The structure of the yudanshakai, however, is more operational and less geographical than it used to be. There are some parts of the country where two or more yudanshakai operate in the same area and some Yudanshakai have clubs and members that are located far from their geographic location.

Charter clubs and individual members are generally members of a specific Yudanshakai.