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The United States Judo Federation is a non-profit organization that provides national standards and guidelines for the development of grassroots judo for its students and members. The vision of USJF is to have JUDO in every American community and school and our mission is to serve and support its members in the American judo community while upholding the principles of mutual welfare and benefit. Contributors to USJF funds understand this value to community and are showing their support with financial contributions.

Consider endowing these funds for the future of Judo

The educational programs coordinated by the United States Judo Federation would not be possible without the generous contributions we receive from businesses, private foundations, government agencies, and individuals like you. Join us as donor in our cause. The stakes have never been so high. Your tax-deductible contribution to the United States Judo Federation — no matter what size — will ensure cutting-edge curriculum materials and training workshops are available for educators nationwide. For EVERY DOLLAR you contribute, ONE STUDENT will benefit.

Available Funds

General Endowment Fund

Board of Trustees
Bert Mackey (Chair) Thomas Sheehan, Edward Hanashiro, Dr. Leslie Minot, Bryan Matsuoka, Dr. Richard Nakatsu

Academic Honor Society

The United States Judo Federation would like to recognize students at the elementary, grade, middle and high school level who are excelling at their studies and citizenship. The award is a certificate and a patch, and recognition by USJF. Please download a form to learn more about applying for this award. We hope senseis will nominate candidates.

Mr. Vaughn Imada (Chair), Phyllis Imada, Robert Fukuda, Terri Waibel

Go to the Academic Honor Society page for more information

George C. Balch Scholarship

The George C. Balch Scholarship Fund has been established to provide financial assistance to judo students who are high school seniors or graduates pursuing a college degree in Education.  The scholarship will be awarded annually to the applicant who has the characteristics which promise a successful academic record and who continues judo study throughout his/her college career.  The scholarship will be awarded at the level of $1000 per year for a maximum of four (4) years.

Board of Trustees
James Cornforth (Chair),  Robert Balch,  Robert Brink, esq.
Go to the George C. Balch Scholarship page for more information

The Tamo Kitaura Referee Grant

The GRANT has been established to provide financial assistance in support of the development and growth of USJF referees. The GRANT is specifically aimed at USJF referees who have exhibited a degree of technical proficiency, such that the Governing Organization has identified these individuals as candidates for further testing and certification through the PJU-C. The proceeds from the GRANT go towards defraying the costs of travel and other expenses associated with a referee’s attendance at the PJU-C testing site. This GRANT has also been established as a tool to encourage, support and increase new referee participation.

Board of Trustees
Vaughn Imada (Chairperson), Calvert Kitaura, Robert Fukuda, Daniel Kikuchi, Rose Marie Knudsen, Keith Hayashi

Go to the Tamo Kitaura Scholarship page for more information

The Elizabeth Lee Scholarship

Board of Trustees
Francis Glaze (Chair), Calvin Terada, Eiko Shepherd

Go to the Elizabeth Lee Scholarship page for more information

The Keiko Fukuda Scholarship

The Keiko Fukuda Judo Scholarship Fund was established by Professor Fukuda to encourage female judoka to continue their formal education and/or to further their training in Judo.

The scholarship is awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Outstanding contribution to development of judo on a local, yudanshakai or national level
  • Good competition record (shiai or kata)
  • Good Moral character and social conduct
  • Dedication to judo shown by regular workout and attendance
  • US citizenship is required
  • If the scholarship is to be used for post-secondary education, the applicant must document the she is carrying at least a B average

Board of Trustees
Ms Keiko Fukuda (Founder), Eiko Saito Shepherd (Chair), Dr. Leslie Minot (Secretary), Mr. Vaughn Imada, Ms. Sandra Bacher, Ms. Marisa Pedulla and Mr. George Tsubota

Go to the Keiko Fukuda Scholarship page for more information

The Dr. Joseph Fitzsimmons Scholarship

For those physicians who are seeking financial help to offset their medical school fees while still studying Judo.  Helping physicians with their first two years of medical school costs while continuing their judo learning is the goal of this program. By helping theses young physicians, we encourage them to give back to judo at the dojos and shiajo, and on yudanshakai and national levels.

Board of Trustees
Mac Takeda (Chair),  Joseph Fitzsimmons (Founder),

Go to the Dr. Joseph Fitzsimmons Scholarship page for more information

Osako Fund

The John Osako Referee Fund was established in 2008 with a generous initial donation from Evelyn Osako, John’s wife, and the Judo Affiliates of Michigan to provide financial aid to aspiring PJU Regional, IJF Continental, and IJF International level referees intent on gaining further experience in order to develop & improve their skills, remain abreast of emerging standards, achieve higher international certification, and be in contention for consideration to officiate at the highest levels in the world – Junior World Championships, World Championships, and the Olympic Games.

Board of Trustees
Jerry Wee (Chair), Steven DeRaedt, Dave Wertheimer, Robert Fukuda and Mr. Joon Chi, Chairman of USJF Referee Development and Certification Subcommittee

Go to the Osako Fund page for more information

The Ben Palacio Scholarship

This Scholarship is established to help judo students who are going to the City College of San Francisco for use with their judo education.

Board of Trustees
Mitchell Palacio (Chair), Sharlyne Palacio, Hayward Nishioka

Go to the Ben Palacio Scholarship page for more information

Noboru Saito Judo Development Grant

The purpose of the grant is to provide funding and support for worthwhile judo developmental projects which may impact a judo participant’s personal development onwards to include an indirect activity which may impact judo’s growth in North America.

Thus, this particular program is different and unique in contrast to other USJF Endowment Trust programs…   instead of being very specific in it’s goals and uses, it is unusually broad and can provide financial support for almost any worthwhile project.

Board of Trustees
Don Flagg (Chair), Elizabeth Balch Sidford, Robert Fukuda, Noboru Saito

The Jeremy Glick Memorial Spirit of Judo Award

The award is named in honor of Jeremy Glick who heroically sacrificed his life in the plane crash on 9/11. Many people were in awe of Jeremy Glick’s calm composure and chivalrous demeanor during the final moments of life. Especially impressive was his last conversation with his wife and how considerate of her he was.

This award is based on the spirit of Judo — courage, compassion and character. The recipients are honored for their many years of leadership, development of people, development of Judo, and courageous dedication in insuring the continued success of Judo and the USJF.

Members of the committee overseeing the Jeremy Glick Memorial Spirit of Judo Award
Vaughn Imada (Chair), John Wood, Robert Fukuda

Go to the Jeremy Glick Award page for more information

The Athlete-Scholar of the Year Award

The United States Judo Federation Board of Directors has established the “USJF Athlete-Scholar of the Year Award.”  First price is $1,000.00, second prize $750.00, and third prize $500.00.  The money will be paid directly to the College or University of their choice at the time of matriculation.

The high school/college academic year of this contest extends from September through June and consists of any two continuous semesters.   Requirements include multiple year USJF membership, entered and competed in the past USJF/USJA Jr. Nationals and/or the USA Judo Senior Nationals, and a minimum G.P.A. of a “B” (3.000 on 4.000 based system).  Details are available on the rules and application.

Members of the committee overseeing the Academic Scholar of the Year. Jeff Takeda (Chair), Margaret Catt, Walter Dean, Jim Takemori, Dr. Kuniko Takeuchi, Bryan Matsuoka

Go to the ASOY page for past Award recipients

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