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American Judo Organizations Sign Historic Alliance Agreement

admin - March 16, 2018
Today, history was made with the signing of the first-ever American Judo Alliance Agreement between the United States Judo Association (USJA), United States Judo Federation (USJF) and United States Judo, Inc. (USA Judo). This new agreement paves the way for the three organizations to work ...more
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2018 Fukushima Kata Clinic

admin - March 15, 2018
Date: 03/25/2018      Sanction Number: 18-03-18     Location: Portland, OR    YDK: Northwest Contact: Rod Conduragis, (503) 208-3035 Email: Event Name: 2018 Fukushima Kata Clinic more

Treasure Valley Judo Club Tournament

admin - March 15, 2018
Date: 04/07/2018      Sanction Number: 18-04-01     Location: Boise, ID    YDK: Intermountain Contact: Rocky Lima Email: Event Name: Treasure Valley Judo Club Tournamentmore

55th Annual Twin Fall/CSI Judo Championships

admin - March 13, 2018
Date: 04/20-21/2018      Sanction Number: 18-04-07     Location: Twin Falls, ID    YDK: Daiheigen Contact: Bryan Matsuoka Email: Event Name: 55th Annual Twin Falls/CSI Judo Championshipsmore

Spring 2018 Shufu Promotional

admin - March 12, 2018
Date: 04/08/2018      Sanction Number: 18-04-05     Location: Springfield, VA    YDK: Shufu Contact: Charles Medani Email: Event Name: Spring 2018 Shufu Promotionalmore

2018 Portland Judo Summer Camp

admin - March 09, 2018
Date: 06/25-29/2018 & 8/6-10/2018       Sanction Number: 18-06-02     Location: Portland, OR    YDK: 50th State Contact: Roy Kawaji, (503) 961-2696 Event Name: 2018 Portland Judo Summer Campmore

2018 Jimmy Pedro Judo Workshop

admin - March 09, 2018
Date: 04/14/2018        Sanction Number: 18-04-06     Location: Portland, OR    YDK: 50th State Contact: Roy Kawaji, (503) 961-2696 Event Name: 2018 Jimmy Pedro Judo Workshopmore

Kin-Tora Randori Session

admin - March 02, 2018
Date: 03/25/2018        Sanction Number: 18-03-14     Location: Buffalo, NY    YDK: Niagara Contact: Nicholas Rastelli, II, (716) 871-1260 Event Name: Kin-Tori Randori Sessionmore

Cranford Junior Judo Invitational

admin - March 02, 2018
Date: 09/30/2018        Sanction Number: 18-09-01     Location: Cranford, NJ    YDK: Hudson Contact: Nicolas Yonezuka Website: www.cranfordjkc.commore

Cranford Junior Judo Invitational

admin - March 02, 2018
Date: 05/20/2018        Sanction Number: 18-05-03     Location: Cranford, NJ    YDK: Hudson Contact: Nicolas Yonezuka Website: Event Name: Cranford Junior Judo Invitationalmore