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First Annual Cenco Kata Clinic, April 4 & 5, 2015

admin - November 05, 2015
Sensei Eiko Shepherd, 7th Dan, was the clinician for Central Coast Yudanshakai's first Annual Kata Clinic.  This year's emphasis was on Randori no Kata with an in-depth study of Nage-no-Kata on Saturday and Katame-no-Kata on Sunday. Saturday began with a ...more
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Latest deadline for the B.C. Dage Corporation Athlete Travel Grant

admin - November 05, 2015
The B.C. Dage Corporation Athlete Travel Grant has been established by a generous donation to USJF to support travel for competition or training for up-and-coming USJF athletes. Applications available – NOW Applications due – 4/16/15 for events happening 4/17/15-9/15/15 Decisions will be ...more
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Sensei Robert Bonner obituary

admin - October 12, 2015
Sensei Robert Bonner passed away on 11 October. Robert Bonner established the Yomeikan Judo Club in Defiance, OH during the early 1990s. Dr. Sachio Ashida named Sensei Bonner’s club Yomeikan Judo. Yomeikan is translated as meaning “The Hall of Enlightenment.” Sensei Bonner has ...more
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Cancelled . . .

admin - September 23, 2015
The 10th All Women's Championship has been cancelled. Sadly and unfortunately, we have had to cancel the "All Women's Championship" for October 10, 2015. However the "Great Lakes Open" Oct. 11 and the Gary Takemoto Clinic Oct 10th are still happening. It has been a pleasure to serve nine years ...more
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World Championships 2015, Astana - DAY 6

admin - August 29, 2015
The USA's World Judo Team's quest for individual championships medals at the 2015 World Championships in Astana, Kazakhstan came to an abrupt end today. The final four individual competitors, Ajax Tadehara, Andrew Jacobs, Nina Cutro-Kelly, and Akbarzhan Iminov, all lost their first matches of ...more
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Astana Day 5

admin - August 28, 2015
The chances for a medal for the US team at the 2015 World Championships faded dramatically today as reigning Olympic champion Kayla Harrison failed to make it through the preliminary rounds. Harrison, ranked #1 in the world coming into these championships, was defeated in her second match by ...more
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2015 Judo World Championships Day Three

admin - August 26, 2015
Unfortunately, the podium picture was not to be. France's Autonme Pavia, who, along with our own Marti Malloy, won Bronze at the 2012 Olympics in London, defeated Malloy in the Bronze medal match during Golden Score (overtime) by a shido penalty today at the World Championships, with Malloy ...more
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2015 Judo World Championships Day Two

admin - August 26, 2015
Marti Malloy (see more about Marti here) and Hana Carmichael (see more about Hana here) take to the mat tomorrow (Wednesday) looking for podium honors. In 2013 Marti struck Silver at the Worlds. She's currently ranked #5 in the world - can she repeat and possibly bring home Gold? And is Hana, ...more
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2015 Judo World Championships

admin - August 25, 2015
To Shufu Yudansha and other interested parties: The 2015 Judo World Championships began today, Monday August 24th, in Astana, Kazakhstan. The US team of 8 men and 9 women are competing this week against the best judo players in the most important annual judo tournament on the planet. The USA's ...more
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2015 Members of USJF Hall of Fame

admin - August 24, 2015
The Hall of Fame Committee have announced four new names: Kayla Harrison, Marti Malloy, Howard Nishioka and James Tekemori. Their profiles follow here. Kayla Harrison Kayla Harrison made history at the 2012 Olympics in London by winning the first Gold Medal by any American (man or woman) in the ...more
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