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US Fields Large Team for Paris Grand Slam

admin - February 11, 2017
By Chuck Medani, for the USJF Paris, February 10, 2017. The city of lights is cold and overcast. But it’s still Paris, with its charm, the river Seine, and the law that says drivers must miss pedestrians by at least a meter (it’s a major sport here). At the AccorHotels Arena (formerly the ...more
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Joe Nakano Sensei

admin - February 09, 2017
Vaughn Imada writing on behalf of the San Jose Buddhist Judo Club We are saddened to inform you that Joe Nakano Sensei from the San Jose Buddhist Judo Club passed away January 7, 2017. Joe Nakano Sensei was born September 2, 1928 and has been a loyal and dedicated member of the San Jose ...more
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SANIX Tournament and Taise Tournament 2016

admin - February 08, 2017
Team Report – Coach Douglas Tono Tohkon Judo Academy – Boy’s Team Members Douglas Tono – Coach – Tohkon Judo Academy – Chicago, IL Tatevos Manucharayan – Coach – Fresno Judo Club – Fresno, CA Brad Daniels – Coach – Judan Judo – Portland, IN Seth Carlson - Athlete – Tohkon Judo Academy – ...more
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2016 Sanix International Judo Competition in Fukuoka, Japan

admin - February 04, 2017
Eiko Saito Shepherd 8th Dan, Women’s Head Coach I left the United States on December 21, 2016. When I arrived at the Fukuoka airport, people from Sanix were waiting for me with a sign. I spotted them right away and although I was tired, it was wonderful to be greeted with their big smiles. For ...more
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Newsletter received

admin - February 03, 2017
The latest USA Judo Newsletter has been announced. The newsletter lists national and international events. There are tournaments in Reno, Salt Lake and Spokane in the United States, and Paris, Düsseldorf and Heidelberg in Europe. There are listings of other events as well.more
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Sanix 2016 -- Grace Magee

admin - January 26, 2017
Dear Mrs. Koyama, Japan! Wow! The 2016 Sanix event was fantastic! I can’t believe I was chosen to participate in the International Sanix Judo Tournament and clinic. What an incredible experience. On the way to the airport I was very nerves and scared because I have never been on a plane, ...more
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Sanix 2016

admin - January 25, 2017
Participants from Sanix 2016 have written their appreciation of the event. from Nikita Harvey from Isaiah Thor from Narek Manucharyan from Tatevos Manucharyan from Greg Ondrus from Doug Tono from Eiko Saito Shepherd from Grace Magee from Nicholas Yonezuka from Paige Cox, about Paige ...more
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Sanix 2016 -- Cornel Childs

admin - January 25, 2017
Dear Mrs. Koyama, Thank you for supporting me and the rest of the US Judo team in attending SANIX 2016 in Fukuoka, Japan. I enjoyed meeting Judo players from across the United States and all over the world. I also appreciated the cultural experience and the opportunity to visit Fukuoka and ...more
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Sanix 2016 -- JuKye Johnson

admin - January 25, 2017
Dear Saito Sensei, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to travel to Japan and allowing me to have an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. At first, I was really scared, especially because I did not want to get homesick as my brother did, or choked out as I heard from many other players ...more
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SANIX-TAISET 2016 -- Birmingham Team Coach

admin - January 20, 2017
I would like to start off by talking about our time in Global Arena in Fukuoka Japan. Global Arena consisted of multiple buildings and the dorms were very nice. They have a convenience store, bakery, and two different dojos for practice. The meals were buffet style in the dining hall. I was very ...more
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