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2017 Sanix Judo Report from Steven Salazar

admin - February 07, 2018
Over this past winter, I was given the opportunity to train and compete in Japan alongside other Judokas from around the United States. I can safely say that throughout the whole trip, there was not one part I found disappointing or boring. I thought that everything about Japan, the ...more
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2018 Nanka Spring Elite Training Camp

admin - January 31, 2018
Date: 05/26-28/2018        Sanction Number: 18-05-02     Location: Norwalk, CA    YDK: Nanka Contact: Eddie Khchirian, (818) 262-0003 Email: Event Name: 2018 Nanka Spring Elite Training ...more

2018 Nanka Skills Clinic-Marti Malloy

admin - January 31, 2018
Date: 03/24/2018        Sanction Number: 18-03-07     Location: Pacoima, CA    YDK: Nanka Contact: Eddie Khchirian, (818) 262-0003 Email: Event Name: 2018 Nanka Skills Clinic-Marti Malloymore

Thank you notes and appreciation of Sanix from Anastasija Kosic:

admin - January 31, 2018
My trip to Japan was an amazing experience. I learned many new things, and I had a lot of fun! I got to meet kids from other countries around the world, and I even had the opportunity to train with them. I also got to see several beautiful places in the area. Everyone was friendly and offered me ...more
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Kata Clinic & Judge Certification

admin - January 31, 2018
Date: 02/16-18/2018        Sanction Number: 18-02-10     Location: Chicago, IL   YDK: Chicago Contact: Eiko Shepherd, (618) 781-5157 Email: Event Name: Kata Clinic & Judge Certificationmore

Niagara Judo Yudanshakai Grading & Clinic

admin - January 30, 2018
Date: 02/11/2018        Sanction Number: 18-02-07     Location: Buffalo, NY   YDK: Niagara Contact: Tina Taylor, (716) 871-1260 Email: Event Name: Niagara Grading & Clinic more

2018 Kangeiko for Girls & Women

admin - January 30, 2018
Date: 02/03/2018        Sanction Number: 18-02-11     Location: Seattle, WA   YDK: Northwest Contact: Karen Nagai Event Name: 2018 Kangeiko for Girls & Women more

Goshin-Jutsu Kata Clinic & 2018 Open Kata Judging and Certification

admin - January 27, 2018
Date: 03/17 & 18/2018        Sanction Number: 18-03-06     Location: Fowler, CA   YDK: Chuka Contact: Joyce Hatanaka, (559) 638-9653 Email: Event Name: Goshin-Jutsu Kata Clinic & ...more

2018 Intermountain Yudanshakai Winter Newaza Clinic

admin - January 25, 2018
Date: 02/17/2018        Sanction Number: 18-02-08     Location: Meridian    YDK: Intermountain Contact: Bret Gertje, (208) 949-8697 Email: Event Name: 2018 Intermountain Yudanshakai ...more

12th Annual Tsuruo Fukushima Memorial Judo Tournament

admin - January 24, 2018
Date: 02/18/2018        Sanction Number: 18-02-09     Location: Honolulu, HI    YDK: 50th State Contact: Dean Shiraki, (808) 626-1626 Email: Event Name: 12th Annual Tsuruo Fukushima Memorial ...more