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Passing of Mr. Isamu Shishido

admin - July 20, 2005
With great sorrow, I advise you of the passing of Mr. Isamu Shishido (Hachidan-Shunyo Kan Judo Club), 103, of Honolulu, on 14 July 2005. Born in Fukushima-Ken, Japan. He is survived by sons, Raymond, Calvin, Dr. Ralph, Daniel and Steven; daughters, Elaine, Laura Ushijima and Katherine Ito; 13 ...more
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Coaches Clinic at Junior Nationals

admin - June 02, 2005
2005 USJF Junior National UPDATE: COACHES "E" LEVEL CERTIFICATION CLINIC - JULY 7 (THURS) We will have a USJF Coaches "E" Level Coaches Certification on Thursday, July 7 at the Host Hotel (Marriott Irvine). Paperwork will be out shortly. To be a certified coach, you ...more
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Death of Henry Okamura

admin - May 25, 2005
Dear Judoka Everywhere, It is a sad task indeed to have to relay that Sensei Henry K. Okamura passed away yesterday evening at 9:25. He was experiencing difficulty breathing earlier in the day and was taken to the hospital. His passing brought an end to his valiant struggle to ...more
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Fall Meeting Schedule Available

admin - May 20, 2005
M E M O R A N D U M TO: USJF Board of Directors Delegates USJF Committee Chairpersons Yudanshakai Presidents & Rank Registration Chairpersons USJF Executive Committee FROM: Robert ...more
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Junior Nationals Hotel Update Information

admin - May 13, 2005
USJF Jr. Nationals Hotel Update!! We have now confirmed and arranged block room rates for attendees of the Jr. Nationals. Since the Host hotel, Marriott Irvine is sold out for the nights of July 8 and 9, 2005, we have arranged the two following hotels to accept the overflow: ...more
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Opportunity for funding for Senior Judo Activities

admin - May 09, 2005
OPPORTUNITY FOR FUNDING FOR SENIOR JUDO ACTIVITIES The Senior Development Subcommittee of the United States Judo Federation requests proposals for funding programs for the 2005-2006 fiscal year. Proposals should be short - less than five pages. Two pages, including the attached budget ...more
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Kata Committee Meeting Minutes

admin - May 03, 2005
Kata Development Committee Minutes 18 April 2005 Coral Room E, Cavalier Hotel Virginia Beach, VA Meeting called to order The meeting was called to order by Eiko Shepherd at 8:00 PM 18 April 2005 Members in Attendance: John Anderson, Frances Glaze, Jan Graden, Mike Purcell, Jana Seaborn, Eiko ...more
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Guidelines for Developing Kata in your area

admin - May 03, 2005
USJF Kata Development Committee Yudanshakai Development Guidelines RECOMMENDATIONS FOR BUILDING KATA IN THE YUDANSHAKAI Introduce kata to beginning players. Let them observe kata being performed and require that they go through the motions of set one of Nage no Kata. They do not have to throw ...more
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Minutes of April 2005 Development Committee Meeting

admin - May 02, 2005
USJF Development Committee Meeting Agenda and Minutes Thursday, 21 April 2005 Virginia Beach, VA Call to Order The meeting was called to order by David Matsumoto at 12:30 pm. In attendance were the following members: Matsumoto, Vaughn Imada, Karen Mackey, Ann Marie Rousey, ...more
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Minutes from April Junior Youth Development Meeting

admin - April 29, 2005
Minutes JYDS April 18, 2005 2pm - 3:30 PM Virginia Beach, VA Attendance: Members: Dean Markovics, Bryan Matsuoka, Chris Mitsuoka (Chair) Observers: Todd Jones(CSCVB), Felix Lanier(CJBBA), Greg Goebel(Shufu), Helen McProuty(Shufu), Jeff Takeda(Chuka), Robert Suyehira(Intermountain) New ...more
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