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USJF Life and President\'s Club Life Memberships Program Benefits

admin - May 25, 2007
Why should I join? Your Life Membership and President’s Club Life Membership fees go into the USJF Endowment Trust. The Endowment is now over $600,000. The proceeds of the trust are directly channeled into USJF development programs. This helps USJF continue to build our programs for ...more
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Mrs. Grace Akiya celebrates 90th birthday and receives Life Membership (Photos)

admin - May 21, 2007
Mrs. Grace Akiya will be celebrating her 90th birthday on May 31st,  2007.  In honor of this occasion and her years of service to Judo, Chu To Bu Judo Club awarded Mrs. Akiya with a United States Judo Federation Life Membership and Konan Judo Association Life Membership.  The life ...more
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The World of Judo DVD Available for Ordering!

admin - May 21, 2007
“The World of Judo” DVD is a tool for your dojo to use in the promotion of judo to the general public and those who are interested in learning about judo. One of the special features of this video is that it discusses the findings of some scientific research and studies about the ...more
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New Judo Survey Underway

admin - March 19, 2007
We're implementing a judo survey aimed at judo practitioners who have stopped practicing judo. If you have stopped practicing judo, your assistance in participating in this survey will be greatly appreciated. If you know someone who has stopped practicing, please ask them to ...more
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The 5th IJF World Judo Research Symposium

admin - March 15, 2007
This information was provided by Dr. David Matsumoto from the International Judo Federation. Originals and forms are available at the end of this message. The 2007 World Judo Research Symposium will be held separately from the IJF World Judo Conference, and will occur on Wednesday, 12 ...more
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Services for Tom Akiyama - former Nanka President

admin - February 22, 2007
Services for Tom Akiyama will be held on Tuesday, February 27, 2007 at 7:30 PM Koyasan Buddhist Temple342 E. 1st StreetLos Angeles, CA  90012more
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Mr. Tom Akiyama Passed Away February 19th

admin - February 19, 2007
********************************************Mr. Tom Akiyama passed away this morning.  Mr. Akiyama was a past president of Nanka Yudanshakai and was an ardent supporter of judo.More information will be posted as it is received.********************************************more
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2007 Junior Nationals coming to Michigan!

admin - January 01, 2007
[PRESS RELEASE] Date: June 13, 2006 Contact: Neil Simon - USJF Junior Nationals Come to Michigan - Yipsilanti, MI - Yipsilanti will be the host city for the USJF Junior Nationals in the summer of 2007, July 14 and 15th. Visit the website home of Konan Yudanshakai at as more ...more
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Notes from US Judo Meeting Summit in Dallas!

admin - December 18, 2006
The meeting notes from the Judo Summit meeting in Dallas Texas! Meeting Minutes (Adobe Acrobat File: 22k) Joint Membership Commission Summary (Adobe Acrobat File: 16k) Coaching Education Commission Summary (Adobe Acrobat File: 24k)more
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Presidents of 3 US Judo organizations meet in Dallas

admin - December 11, 2006
On Saturday, December 9, 2006, in Dallas, Texas, a meeting was conducted involving representatives from USA Judo, United States Judo Association, and United States Judo Federation.The meeting was initiated by the three organizations to discuss the future strategic directions of the three ...more
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