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Results from 19th Maccabiah Judo Competition

admin - August 13, 2013
Thanks to the USJF for supporting our 19th Maccabiah Judo Team. There were 80 countries represented and over 8,000 athletes here (6,000 from countries other than Israel over 2,000 from Israel as host country) in total. There were 170 judokas in the judo competition. Here are the results as ...more
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MRS JUDO engages the community

admin - August 10, 2013
On behalf of filmmaker Yuriko Gamo Romer, I am writing to announce the launch of the community engagement series for MRS JUDO: Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful, a poignant film that documents the life-long journey of Keiko Fukuda who chose to defy thousands of years of tradition, determine her ...more
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New area of web site – Judo Studies

admin - August 09, 2013
We are putting up short articles written by senior sensei of the USJF. The title of the area is Judo Studies David Matsumoto has written the first of the archive. Dr. David Matsumoto, Director of Humintell, is a renowned expert in the field of microexpressions, facial expression, gesture, ...more
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Some pictures from Pittsburgh

admin - July 29, 2013
Glick award – Mr. James Takemori Photo is by Mr Chris Mitsuoka left is USJF president Kevin Asano, second from the left is Jeremy Glick award recipient Mr. James Takemori, third from the left Vaughn Imada, USJF vice president, and on the right is USJA president Gary Goltz See the award ...more
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Shufu’s 2013 Goshin Jutsu Clinic

admin - July 29, 2013
Shufu’s 2013 Goshin Jutsu Clinic was a great success, learning from Sensei Eiko Saito Shepherd. More than fifty judoka, young and old, novice and experienced, gathered at DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, Maryland on Saturday, 20th July. photo courtesy of shufu judo Head clinician ...more
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New video now showing

admin - July 24, 2013
The playlist on our homepage is getting longer. Highlights from the 2012 Jr. Nationals from Spokane, WA. are now up. You can also see it on youtube more
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To those who would teach and coach Judo

admin - July 21, 2013
The Teachers Institute Committee's goal is – "Implementation of a systematic method of instruction that insures that its participants will be able to not only perform the techniques of judo but to instruct others as well, in addition to being knowledgeable in the areas of judo history, ...more
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Call for support for Kenny Cummings (Nagoya)

admin - July 20, 2013
To Our Judo Family, Our thoughts and Prayers go out to Kenny Cummings (Nagoya). Please read the notes below. He is a former student of Emerald City Judo and now practices at Seiei Judo. He is 12 years old. A note from Tsutomu Nagoya who is on Facebook Hi. I am Kenny's stepfather, Tom. You may ...more
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Sensei Shintaro Nakano is visiting Chicago

admin - July 17, 2013
To All Judoka, Just a reminder about the visit of Sensei Shintaro Nakano, 4th dan, (Coach of the San Jose State Judo Team) this week. Thursday 7/18 – Tohkon Judo Academy Friday 7/19 – Barrington Judo Club Saturday 7/20 – Tohkon Judo Academy See the attached Flyer for more details. Don’t miss ...more
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2013 USJA-USJF Junior National Results

admin - July 08, 2013
Gary Goltz wrote: Over 500 competitors participated this past weekend at the 4th Annual USJA / USJF Junior Nationals in Greater Pittsburgh, PA. It was hosted by Eugene Kim of Kim’s Martial Arts who graciously provided this Complete List of Results. NAGE NO KATA YOUTH 1 CONNER WAITE/DUNCAN ...more
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