Kata Clinic & Exam

Date: 04/08/2018      Sanction Number: 18-04-09     Location: Honolulu, HI   YDK: 50th State
Contact: Darcy Motoda

Sasaki Judo Clinic

Date: 03/24/2018      Sanction Number: 18-03-17     Location: Wailuku, HI    YDK: Hawaii
Contact: Ronald Hiyakumoto

Kata Clinic

Date: 03/25/2018      Sanction Number: 18-03-19     Location: Honolulu, HI   YDK: 50th State
Contact: Darcy Motoda

2018 Michigan State Games Judo

Date: 06/23/2018      Sanction Number: 18-06-03     Location: Grand Rapids, MI    YDK: Konan
Contact: Jim Murray, (616) 293-1568

Seattle Dojo Annual Judo Tournament

Date: 05/05/2018      Sanction Number: 18-05-06     Location: Bellevue, WA    YDK: Northwest
Contact: Alan Yamada, (206) 763-9802

Passing of Professor Sensei Luis Guardia - Kudan 9th Degree Red Belt


Hector Estevez sent notice of the death of Sensei Guardia

On Saturday March 17th, 2018 we received the sad news that our beloved Professor and Sensei Luis Guardia passed away in the City Miami Florida USA. He was surrounded by his family, his wife Mrs. Hilda Guardia and his son Luis Guardia Jr.and friends.

Our most profound condolences to the Guardia family his wife Hilda and his son Luis Guardia Jr. may God provide the fortitude to the family and his wife Hilda in times like this.

Category: obituaries

2018 Judo Referee Clinic

Date: 04/06/2018      Sanction Number: 18-04-08     Location: Boise, ID    YDK: Intermountain
Contact: Bret Gertje, (208) 949-8697

Chuka Yudanshakai 2018 Referee Review Clinic

Date: 03/24/2018      Sanction Number: 18-03-16     Location: Fowler, CA    YDK: Chuka
Contact: Craig Honda, (559) 246-5919

2018 Inland Empire Judo Classic

Date: 05/25-26/2018      Sanction Number: 18-05-05     Location: Spokane, WA    YDK: Northwest
Contact: Leigh Yamada, (509) 844-7296

Uemura Cup Judo Championships

Date: 08/24-25/2018      Sanction Number: 18-08-02     Location: Hilo, HI    YDK: 50th State
Contact: Michael Hayashi, (808) 333-9909