62nd Annual Clovis Invitational Shiai & Kata Judo Tournament

Date: 03/04/2018        Sanction Number: 18-03-04     Location: Clovis, CA    YDK: Chuka
Contact: Ron Goode, (559) 355-1774

Lakeland Invitational

Date: 02/03/2018        Sanction Number: 18-02-06     Location: Athol, ID    YDK: Northwest
Contact: Jennifer Badertscher, (406) 291-1220

Rio Ohtake's thank you and report from 2017 Sanix


I had many good experiences participating in the SANIX tournament and camp in Japan.

First several wonderful teachers came and taught us many useful techniques. I will review what I have been taught and will try to use them in future competitions.

Second, our team won once in the tournament with all ‘Ippon”. No one thought that we would win. I was very happy. I lost in the second game of the tournament. I would like to find the reason why I lost and improve my skills.

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Sanix appreciation


An appreciation of the Sanix 2017 trip from Michael Mooney.

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67th Annual Ore-Ida Judo Club Tournament

Date: 01/27/2018        Sanction Number: 18-01-10     Location: Ontario, OR   YDK: Intermountain
Contact: Joe Cox, (541) 889-6461

Harun Bogdanic & Jack Hatton Judo Clinic

Date: 07/05/2018        Sanction Number: 18-07-02     Location: Grand Rapids, MI    YDK: Konan
Contact: Harun Bogdanic, (586) 922-6925

Sanix pictures and notes


SANIX 2017

By Makayla Paige Cox

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Hawaii Shima Judo Kyokai/50th State Judo Association Spring Seminars

Date: 03/19-22/2018        Sanction Number: 18-03-05     Location: Hilo & Kealakekua, HI    YDK: 50th State

2017 Sanix Juvenile Team Championships and Taisei Cup Report by Noboru Saito


2017 Sanix & Taisei Cup US Participant List:

Boy’s Team:

Tohkon Team

COACH - Michael Mooney, Douglas Tono

PLAYER: David Capron, Chicago, IL

PLAYER: Cornel Childs, St. Louis, MO

PLAYER: Carson Furneaux, Windsor, Ontario

PLAYER: Steven J Salazar, Los Angeles, CA

PLAYER: Luke Smith, Colorado Springs, CO

PLAYER: Lucas Tatar, St. Louis, MO

Girl’s Teams:

Kitokan Team:

COACH – Eiko Shepherd, Loretta Edwards

PLAYER: Arianna Gaines, St. Louis, MO

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Taishi Judo Club 7th Anniversary Invitational Tournament

Date: 03/18/2018        Sanction Number: 18-03-03     Location: Westminster, CA    YDK: Nanka
Contact: Robert Oishi, (310) 994-6917