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Two of the USJF Funds have found their way onto Facebook.

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2016 Summer Program in Japan


Teruyoshi Yamaguchi of Tokai University wrote to thank the USJF for its support for the Summer Program in Japan. "Every year, I enjoy learning Judo and Life with your students, instructors and parents."

Please find the attached 2016 SAJ official brochure and entry form.

The staff and participants at Tokai look forward to meeting with USJF members taking part this summer.

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2016 USJF High School Judoka Special Training Camp in Korea


The Judoka wishing to join this trip to Korea must be a member of USJF (training camp members must be male judoka only).

The travel dates are as follows:

    All members are leaving USA on 8 July, Friday and arrival Seoul (Incheon-ICN) Korea on 9 July, Saturday to be met by Sensei Joon Chi and the Korean staff.

    10 July, Sunday –

      There will be a chance for sightseeing and shopping
      Or there will be a chance for a visit to Panmoonjum (DMZ) led by US Captain Dodd, a Judoka from Missouri

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2016 National Collegiate Judo Association Championships


The 55th Year Celebration

HOST: San Jose State University Judo Team

DATE: April 1-2, 2016

LOCATION: Yoshihiro Uchida Hall (YUH)
San Jose State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192

Here is the packet for entry.

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Photos of James Takemori


Some interesting photos of James Takemori have been received.


Notice from the Congressional Record.

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Dr. Bruce Edward Wilson M.D.


At the age 65, Bruce Edward Wilson passed away peacefully at Sunrise Senior Living on Wednesday February 4, 2016 after a 20 year struggle with Parkinson's disease.

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KokaKids T-shirt draw


Would you like to win an
IPPON – Go For It

Click here to enter for the free draw.

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2015 Sanix Tournament Report


The team that represented the US Konan team this year was made up of 4 male athletes and 3 female athletes. To help support the team, 5 staff members made the trip to Fukuoka.

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Ernie Matsubara in hospital


Ernie Matsubara had a stroke on Monday Jan 18. He's out of ICU and in critical care now.

80% of his left side is paralyzed, his left eye is blind. He continues to have a blood clot that is too risky to operate on.

His son, Temujin Matsubara, will update folks at a later time regarding visitation.

If you'd like to mail something to Mrs Matsubara who has been spending most of her time at the hospital, please post to: 1350 Chinqapin Carlsbad 92008.

Please keep Sensei Ernie in thoughts and prayers to mobilize some love and support for the family.

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Congratulations, Raymond Saito


Raymond Saito, IJF-A – Gold Medal Match Referee

Congratulations to Mr. Raymond Saito, IJF-A, of 50th State Yudanshakai, for his selection as referee for the Women's –78 kg. finals at the recent Havana Grand Prix. Mr. Saito is the latest member of the long line of USJF referees who have reached the highest level of international refereeing.

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