USJA/JF Joint Coaching Certification Clinic


USJA/JF Joint Coaching Certification Clinic

As America celebrated it’s birthdate the United States Judo Association and Federation celebrated its first ever joint junior National Championship on the 3rd and 4th of July, 2010. In addition to this great event, which drew close to 1000 contestants from throughout the United States, it also drew 56 coaching candidates who came two days earlier in order to become certified coaches.
The Clinic was conducted by Coach Development Staff member, Hayward Nishioka, who is a qualified instructor in both organizations. The topics included in the clinic were: the nature and history of coaching, planning and periodization, advanced judo tactics, building a family of techniques, scouting the opposition, communication skills, cardiovascular and muscular needs, injury management, and risk management. The certification topics were selected because of their relevance to long term coaching and development of competitive excellence for upcoming competitors.
According to Nishioka the certification clinic, which normally is a two and a half day event, was cut back to one day to accommodate the scheduling of the tournament and the various other meetings being held by both organizations. To do this a truncated version of many of the aforementioned areas was given. “ Normally there would be presentations of coaching scenarios played out by the candidates along with group critiques and reviews of chapter tests taken from the coaching manual. Additionally a final examination (schedule “B”, the multiple choice test rather than “A” the true/false test) would be administered where the candidates would have to pass with a 70% or higher grade in order to qualify as a coach.” Said Nishioka.

In all, those who took the class found that coaching isn’t about sitting on the side lines yelling out “Go, go, go!” It’s about developing your athlete at the tournament, in the dojo, and in life. It’s about using the judo experience as a vehicle to prepare our students to be strong, technical, and better prepared to meet challenges. In understanding both the scientific basis for how the body works and the nature of competitive judo, the USJA and the USJF hopes to develop the best possible coaches for our members through our Coach Certification Programs.

Much credit goes to the Julie Koyama, program director for the USJF and Bill Montgomery, Coach Development chairperson for the USJA for their leadership role in allowing this collaborative effort to go forward, to Rob Oishi, Nanka development director and project manager overseeing the first joint USJA/JF coach certification clinic, and to Lea Hatashita of Hatashita Sports, our sponsor who donated Mizuno belts to the first fifty to sign up for the certification class. Our congratulations to Ed Shiosaki, President of Nanka Yudanshakai, and his staff for a well run JF/JA Junior National Championship. We hope to see all of you next year in Ohio.


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