Thank you note from Michael Eldred


August 7, 2005

United States Judo Federation

Dr. Chris Mitsuoka, JYDS Chairperson

Dr. David Matsumoto, Development Chairperson

Mr. Vaughn Imada, Development C0-Chairperson

Mr. Noboru Saito, President

P.O. Box 338

Ontario, OR 97914

Dear USJF,

This letter is in regards to the USJF National Male Youth Athlete of the Year,
which the USJF awarded me at the USJF Jr. Nationals Irvine, California. I
would like to thank you for this award. It is nice to be recognized for my
accomplishments. My goal is to work hard to improve, so I can represent the
award well. I really appreciate the USJF acknowledging their athlete’s
hard work and effort in the sport of Judo.


Michael Eldred

P.O. Box 202

Fruitland, ID 83619

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