Request for Proposal of Junior Development Programs

  Report of the USJF Referee Subcommittee

July 14, 2002

Referee Clinic

A referee clinic was held on
Friday, July 5, prior to the 2002 USJF Junior National Championships in
Sacramento, CA.It was an all day
clinic attended by 34 people (see appendix for list). In addition, Mr. Ovidio Garnero, from the PJU Referee Commission
was also in attendance.The clinic was
led by Mr. Joon Chi.

The clinic topics included a
discussion of the 2001 Refereeing Rules Amendments that were presented at the
Munich Congress.Then the participants
were divided into two groups.One group
was led by Mr. Ovidio Garnero and the other group was led by Mr. Joon Chi. The groups discussed several of the articles
from the Referee Rules.A practical,
on-the-mat session that involved several mock shiai in which some of the
participants took turns at refereeing in front of the entire group. Much discussion ensued about interpretations
of the rules.

The main goal of this clinic and
future clinics it to improve the quality of refereeing and the number of
qualified referees.

Referee Promotions

Barbara Shimizu was promoted to IJF-B

The following were promoted to PJU-C:

  • Calvin Terada
  • Don Takata
  • Jerry Wee
  • Cary Yamanaga

Referee Candidates

The following are candidates for PJU-C at the 2002 US Judo Junior Open International in Boca Raton, FL:

  • Raymond Saito
  • Keith Hayashi
  • Paul Jordon

The referee subcommittee should help and support them.


To fulfill the goals of the referee committee full budget approval is required.


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