Development Committee Minutes


USJF Development Committee

Meeting Minutes

Friday, 30 September 2005

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  1. Call to Order

    The meeting was called to order by Matsumoto at 1:50 pm. In attendance was
    David Matsumoto (member), Bryan Matsuoka (member), Vaughn Imada (member),
    Ann Marie Rousey (member), Karen Mackey (member), Chris Mitsuoka (by proxy
    to Matsumoto), and Margaret Catt (observer).
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the Last Meeting

    The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as drafted.
  3. Reports
    1. Chair. Matsumoto
      1. funding decisions in between meetings
        1. comic book project
        2. Ireland project
      2. MSP to allocate $3,000 additional funds to the Ireland special project
        (senior development).
    2. Co-Chair. Imada
      1. Monthly reports for USJF Newsletter from subcommittees
      2. Monthly reports for USJF Newsletter from funded yudanshakais
      3. Reports of funded activities (necessary for future funding)
        1. All subcommittees and yudanshakais are reminded that no funding
          will be approved if their two reports as specified by the budgeting
          procedures for previous activities are delinquent.
    3. Subcommittee reports and progress on duties and responsibilities
      1. Jr. Development (Mitsuoka).

        To approve the proposed bantam weights divisions by Mickey Davenport,
        Hokka Judo Yudanshakai. The rationale is to conform with the divisions
        provided by both USJA and USJI. Competition in these divisions will
        be at the discretion of the host of the event. The weights are as

        Bantam 1: 19, 23, 28, +28 kg

        Bantam 2: 21, 25, 30, +30 kg

        Bantam 3: 23, 27, 31, 35, +35 kg

      2. Sr. Development (Rousey)
      3. Teacher’s Institute (Matsuoka)
      4. Technical Research (Matsumoto)
      5. Referee Development and Certification (Chi)
      6. Kata Development and Certification (Shepherd)
      7. Women (Mackey)
      8. Coach Development and Certification (Markovics)
    4. Approval of all reports. All subcommittee chairs are reminded
      to submit minutes of their meetings within two weeks to be appended to
      this report. MSP to approve all reports.

  4. Unfinished Business
    1. Review of Subcommittee Duties and Responsibilities Document (originally
      distributed 2001). Drafts of guidelines for YDKs from each subcommittee
      to development proposals and content for development in each area by 1
      January 2004.
    2. Follow up to board actions from April 2002.
      1. Procedures and guidelines for grandfathering coaches. (Nothing
      2. Procedures and guidelines for grandfathering teachers. (Nothing
      3. Approval of Katame no Kata and Ju no Kata at the USJF Jr. Nationals
        pending submission of detailed proposal by KDCS. (nothing received)
      4. Discussion and Approval of Coach Development and Certification
        Program (nothing received)
  5. New Business

  6. Adjournment

    MSP to adjourn 2:25 pm.
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